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Map Requests / Terranigma Overworld map
« on: February 28, 2011, 11:06:17 am »
It's a mode 7 map
I can provide a save file for it and whatever else is needed ;)
I've seen somewhere a map of the underworld, which is (i believe) equally hard/easy to rip. But i'm no ripper so i'll leave that for the pros to decide.
This is how it looks completed:
fantasyanime[.]com/legacy/terran[_]worldmap.gif (remove the square brackets)
That guy said he took from somewhere else a long time ago and he doesn't know now where was that. Obviously a map that has 10% of it labels on it isn't what i wish for - or else i wouldn't request here :(
And a screenshot in-game when the character is on the map:

Hope someone can help me or at least post a reply saying it's too hard to rip or something...

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