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Gaming / Re: Super Mario World (NES Pirate) Overworld Map
« on: November 26, 2013, 08:00:07 pm »
Sorry to bring back an old topic, but this seems to be the only map available of the Super Mario World NES Pirate game by Hummer Team of Taiwan.  This forum post comes up when you search with Google.

I beg to differ that the OP "ripped" this map from the game.  In fact the person must have traveled around the map, taking lots of snapshots, and stitching them together, as evidenced by the presence of Mario's feet on the world 5 ghost house, the wrong color shrub on the world 6 castle where Mario must have been edited out, and pieces of the black status bar along the bottom of the map.  It's completely valid to construct a map this way, but rather uncool to claim that they "ripped" it from the ROM when in fact they did not.

Also, the "Blank Space" is not blank!  There is map down there in the ROM.  I have attached a more accurate map that I also constructed from snapshots stitched together, except I did it by manipulating RAM address 0x37F to travel off of the path between levels.  The map loops in 1024x240 pixel sections from bottom to top as you keep scrolling right.

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