Author Topic: Patrick Swayze, who starred in "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost," has died of cancer a  (Read 9635 times)

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I don't know if everyone has heard about Patrick Swayze passing away during the night of September 14, 2009 but he is no longer with us.

Here's the news article announcing that he has passed away.

I'd like to ask everyone that has seen atleast something or read something that involved him or his name to post something ya thought made him so special or unique in the entertainment industry, no matter how small it was.


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The first time I got to know him was when my 6th grade teacher played "Ghost" for us just before winter break. Everyone liked it (especially when he's haunting and singing to Whoopi while she's trying to sleep), but I'll admit that at that age, everyone was a bit uncomfortable with the pottery love scene as well as the bad buy being stabbed with the piece of glass near the end.

That's about it though, as I never saw any other movie with him in it. My sister loved Dirty Dancing though, and I do mean *loved*. She almost wore out the tape from watching it so much.

Goodbye Patrick. God bless you.
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