Author Topic: Funny video of Mario (as in, Super Mario) doing voice impressions  (Read 7391 times)

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Corny and simplistic, but I got a kick out of the Star Wars one :)


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RE: Funny video of Mario (as in, Super Mario) doing voice impressions
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2006, 03:25:34 pm »
I spoke briefly with Charles Martinet at this year's E3 before even realising that it was him.

The wall of Nintendo's booth had four person-sized screens showing a seated Nintendo person who would talk with people waiting in line.  The fourth one, before entering the inner sanctum where the Wiis were, had a friendly grey-haired man.

It didn't click until the line progressed past that it was Charles Martinet!  >_<  I knew he looked familiar.

(I think right before the talk with him, Reggie Fils-Aime (formerly a VP, now the President of NoA) walked right by, but I could only get a photo of his back.  Also, about that very same stretch, Tina Wood from G4 walked by.  Probably my closest near-simultaneous brushes with gaming personalities.  Adam Sessler ran by me in a hurry on Day 3 but that was about it.)

No, I haven't heard the video yet.  I'm at work and this computer has no speakers.

EDIT: Now that I have seen it, well, I found it amusing.  Not downright hilarious, mind you, but if I got to chat that long with Martinet as Mario for that long at E3, I would've been pretty stoked about it even if I wasn't ROFLing.