Author Topic: Zelda GBC+ Engine v1.2.0 Released!  (Read 9782 times)

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Zelda GBC+ Engine v1.2.0 Released!
« on: July 16, 2011, 08:19:28 am »
Zelda GBC+ Engine V1.2.0

The wait is over! This version of Doubleteam's flagship Zelda GBC+ Engine is so full of win, your eyeballs will literally pop out of their sockets! Enjoy!

If you haven't seen our first release, here are the default controls:

Z - Use item in Z slot/equip item to Z slot
X - Use item in X slot/equip item to X slot
Enter - Open/close the menu
Backspace - Open/close the map
Arrow Keys - Move

                    **Patch Notes 1.2**

-Fixed a ton of bugs
-Added new detectors for Pegasus Boots
-Added a new item--Arrows
-Added a new item--Magic Powder
-Added a new item--Shovel
-Added a new item--Power Bracelet
-Added a new item--Hookshot
-Added a new NPC: Cucco
-Added a new mechanic: Killer Cuccos
-Added a new mechanic: Treasure Chests
-Added a new mechanic: Doors
-Added a new mechanic: Falling
-Added a new mechanic: Stair Slowdown
-Added a new effect: Weather
-Added a new mechanic: Swimming
-Changed sound mechanic; sounds are now loaded on call from a folder included in the exe directory (experimental, may change)
-Added small tutorial for combat equations, found in engine.ini


Doubleteam Staff...

Jeod - Programmer, Graphic Artist
Link125 - Programmer
Sgamer8t88 - Graphic Artist
Balloon Dude2 - Pre-Release Tester, Composer

External Contributors...

Xfixium - Graphic Style Artist
David Newton - Fastloop Movement Engine
Simon Pittock - Resolution Selection Menu, Pegasus Boots Code, Inventory Code
Cecil - Heart Widget
D-Pad - Search for the Sword remix
HelpTheWretched - Sound effects
Cybercube - Bug Testing
Aero88 - Bug Reporting
DJVenom - Graphic Artist
Brinic - Bug Reports
Viewtiful - Shovel Code

If we forgot you and you contributed to this engine, please email us and let us know so we can put you in the credits for the next release version!

In the Zip folder:

    Sounds directory   
    Patch Notes.txt
    Zelda GBC+ Engine 1.2.0.exe
    Zelda GBC+ Engine.mfa

We would appreciate any bug reports, and comments on how the background music sounds! Balloon Dude2 composed the "mountain" tune from scratch!