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For this month's "Maps Of The Month" featurette, I wish to draw your attention to Will Mallia's Bugs Bunny In Rabbit Rampage (Super NES) maps.

In Rabbit Rampage, Looney Tunes star Bugs Bunny finds himself in a number of predicaments due to the work of an unseen animator.  Before encountering him, Bugs must face off against some of his most notable nemeses, like Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Taz, Wile E. Coyote, and of course his eternal rival, Daffy Duck.
Our resident Looney Tunes fan, Will Mallia, has mapped a number of video games based on Warner Bros. animations for, including this Super NES platformer.  Beautifully animated, it captures the feel of classic cartoons considerably well for a 16-bit platform.  Levels include outer space, Tasmania, a wrestling ring, and more, with the distinct look you would expect.  The humour is present throughout, including ridiculous level names like "Level ³√x÷(y/c-Z-10)" and "Round 42,759â…œ".  If you enjoy the antics of Warner Bros. cartoons, you can thank Will Mallia for these maps.

So to recognize the effort put into capturing the wascally wabbit...or at least the video game worlds he inhabits, Will Mallia's Bugs Bunny In Rabbit Rampage (Super NES) maps will be known as's Maps Of The Month for April 2014.

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Re: 2014/04: Bugs Bunny In Rabbit Rampage (Super NES) - Will Mallia
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It was intriguing to find that each level was much more different than the first. The game is ideal for Looney Tune fans especially as it makes appearances and cameos appearances of the lesser notable characters like Nasty Canasta. It's too bad this is only game of its kind and those maps are real treasures to finding the secrets around.

I'm tempted to begin mapping "Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose". I am just itching to get back to the toonatics antics.