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My Game - A Few Maps of it
« on: December 07, 2014, 05:41:55 pm »
Here are a few sample maps from one of the few games I designed a bit back using Stencyl works / Stency. It has a nice funtion allowing you to snapdhot the entire map you have made for the game's level.. Too bad we don't have something like this to map other games with.

Each of the stages had 3 sections and 1 boss room. 3 stages total.

Cavern 1b (some enable/disable laying added in the game hence the coins inside the walls)

Cavern 1c (this stage was designed so the player had to roll down the ledge, gain speed then let go of the keys and just jump while steady rolling fast and prevent theirself from hitting anything. Player could stop rolling but there was no other way to make it through.

Inferno 1 (this is the last stage of the game but never finished making the game. I was about 98% done with the entire game though.) YES both the BG's had paralax scrolling AND animation, and the FG lava has animation as well.

This is mapping my own game 101.. Extremely fast.
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