Author Topic: [PC] Fallout 4 Settlement Workshop Boundaries (all welcome!)  (Read 8498 times)

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[PC] Fallout 4 Settlement Workshop Boundaries (all welcome!)
« on: December 14, 2015, 02:40:32 am »
Here is an overhead view of the Covenant settlement, with a rough boundary drawn around it. I took this to aid in deciding were to place new objects, walls etc. I invite everyone to participate in this idea! Each map should have either the whole area before scrapping, or have the large debris, such as houses, cars, etc.. removed. I haven't completed the game so my submissions will be whenever.

Naming could be like this:
"[Settlement name]" - As it was when you found it.
"[Settlement name] Clean" - All scrappable items cleared.
"[Settlement name] Empty" - Used a mod and removed absolutely everything.

Here is how I took the photo:

** Remember to use a save that is separate from your main saves, just in case!

Wait for a clear day or use a console command / mod to remove the fog.
Enter first-person view.
Open the console and type: tfc [enter] to activate Free Camera mode. Close the console.
Fly up to a good vantage point. Many screenshots may be required, then stitched together as best you can.
Open the console and type: tm [enter] to remove the HUD elements.
** This will also hide the console, so take the shot, then enter the code again before moving.

To get the boundaries:
*** If you activate Build Mode while using Free Camera mode, you may lose the use of your mouse wheel. Restarting the game will fix it.

While on the ground and not in Free-Cam mode, activate build mode (workshop) to display the green boundary.
Open the console and type: tfc [enter] to activate Free Camera mode.
Fly up and either take multiple shots or just get one big one from far away.
In an image editor, compare the boundaries image with your map & draw them out as best you can.

Interiors are more difficult as the clipping causes objects to vanish from view, and rooms may not render.