Author Topic: Is there a way to sort image files by width/height aspect ratio?  (Read 13136 times)

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Is there a way to sort image files in a folder by the ratio of their widths to heights?  Like the aspect ratio?

One of my favourite image browser programs no longer compatible in the post-XP world was CompuPic Pro, which among many other things, was able to sort by "orientation" (tallest to widest, or vice-versa, by ratio).  I haven't seen anything like that for the more modern Windows.  Unless I'm blind I don't see anything like that in Windows Explorer, other than individual width/height fields, or together as "dimensions" (like "1920 x 1080"), but not divided to give a ratio.

This is I'd like to easily identify images that are at 16:9 (widescreen), 4:3 (standard), 1:1 (square), 3:4 and 9:16 ratios, and anything that doesn't fall into any of those.


EDIT: Yes, I know how to use Google, and any search for "sort by aspect ratio" leads me to "Dimensions 2 Folders", which is only semi-useful.  I can easily find things with those ratios or close to them so I can crop and resize as necessary, but ultimately it would be more handy to be able to sort by or at least see the aspect ratios of new images that are added without going through a big folder shuffle using that program every time.
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Re: Is there a way to sort image files by width/height aspect ratio?
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Hey! There's an app you MIGHT try called "xNview:. It has a lot of view and utilization functions for images/photos. It's been a while since I used it. It might be a bit cumbersome for doing the simple thing you want.

Also, not sure what to look for but while viewing an image in a windows folder, right click on the (Name, Size, Date, Type) bar and select "More". I know you can have Windows Show image sizes/width-height but not real sure the Ratio. There's quite a few options/selections to choose from. Perhaps you can assume by it's image size. That's all "I" can think of.

I searched as well but to no avail! I found CompuPic Pro ; )