Author Topic: Knights of Xentar (IBM-PC, 1994, Megatech/Dragon Knight III, PC-98, 1991, Elf)  (Read 8188 times)

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Hello, I just see the new Maps are up for "Knights of Xentar" by "Paco 98": I want to contribute a full World Map for this game here. It is a kxmap.gif. Found it in 1999 or 2000 on some "Chaz Dragon Knight Page". Not sure who created it, possibly "chaz". It has markings. So this can be add too. And Paco 98 can use it as reference for his unmarked Map he is creating now.
Trivia: The idea for the unaccesible Heart shaped pound on the game Map is mostly from the Toyoni-Lake in Erimo Japan Isle Hokkaido:
Also the wolrd map has some other strange symbolism on it. Here is the same Xentar Map I found back then, now on "":
I hope this encourage Paco 98 to made a proper PNG Map he is working on.
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