Author Topic: VGCartography - getting to work on PS1 maps!  (Read 31883 times)

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Re: VGCartography - getting to work on PS1 maps!
« Reply #30 on: May 16, 2024, 01:49:12 am »
Oh yeah, now that you mention it, I guess there are some other smaller maps you didn't do as well. (Like Tears' Point, the Sorceress Memorial, and the Lunatic Pandora Lab, for instance.) I guess just figured you were sticking to larger areas, and the Centra Excavation Site was the only one of size I noticed was missing. As for the Triple Triad map... that'd be neat. It's always kind of a pain trying to remember who has what rare card, so a handy map would certainly help.

Also, I love the Wild Arms 2 world map. I never realized just how *weird* that game's world looked. That is some very... interesting... geography. :P