Author Topic: Animal Crossing: Wild World - need only these items to complete my collection!  (Read 12120 times)

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I've been playing this off and on and recently I decided to organize all my Gyroids and save them in the postal office with my extra character.  Finally I figured out a logical order to put them all away and now I'm sure I only need these Gyroids.

EDIT: Heck, I might as well list the items I need for all categories.  All of these items are unorderable from Tom Nook's.


music box



concrete floor


barber shirt

coral shirt

groovy shirt

Gracie's top

splendid shirt

giraffe shirt

ladybug shirt

fiendish shirt

citrus shirt

watermelon shirt

flan shirt

hot dog shirt

sandwich shirt


red feather

purple feather

white feather




tall clankoid


mega fizzoid

mega gongoid

mini harmonoid

tall lullaboid


slim nebuloid

mega nebuloid

mini plinkoid

mini sputnoid


mini timpanoid

If anyone wants to give or trade items, I'd be happy to do so, if the timing is right.  I don't just want to touch the items, I want to have them, as I keep one of every unorderable item.

I haven't gone online with AC:WW since getting my DS Lite, so my new Friend Code is 0086-7382-1478.  That's Jon in Kakariko.

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Sorry, I don't have any of those, I just want to ask you something semi-related. In your opinion, is a DS Lite worth buying if you already own a regular DS? I've been thinking of getting a white one once the stores get some back in stock, but I'm still not sure. I'd sell my old one for $50, but it would still cost me another $80. I'm just attracted to the smaller, sleeker system. Mine is bulky and has dust under the top screen, but it's completely functional. I feel like I'd play a DS Lite more often, but it's hard to tell.

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I have both a regular DS (or as the cool kids say, the DS Phat) and a DS Lite.  I got the DS on launch day, but I wasn't in a hurry to get a DS Lite.  But eventually (like a couple months later) I got one.

Well, we were looking for a second DS because my brother and I wanted to play some versus games.  Well, we never did (and still haven't done) much of that.  But we knew eventually there'd be a Pok?mon game (or rather a pair of them), and we didn't want to get two of the same model of DS just to play them, that'd just be redundant.

Well, I'm rambling here.  Anyway, I'm sure you've seen them umpteen images of DS and DS Lite comparisons.  I can personally vouch for the upgrade, if you only need one, then by all means trade up.

I did Brain Age on the regular DS last night.  Ick.  When you get used to the DS Lite, you will be surprised and how incredibly bland and dim the DS Phat's screens are.  And I noticed this on Brain Age - not a very colourful game at all!  If you play something like the Mario, Pok?mon, Kirby games, etc., anything really bright and colourful, you will certainly wonder why you stuck with the original DS.  Plus, the Lite is sleeker and smaller!  But you already knew that.

The Start and Select buttons are a little small, but seeing as how you won't use them much that's easy to ignore.  The Power Switch is on the right side as a switch instead of a's rare to confuse it for the volume switch but I've had a few little scares when I forget what I'm reaching for - also, it's next to the stylus slot.  >_<  A DS Lite I first got had a red dead pixel in the middle of the touchscreen, but the store took it back with no problem.  But now my DS Lite is scratched up more on the touch screen, but that's likely because I use more than the original DS.  And why wouldn't I?  When Pok?mon Diamond and Pearl come out, me and my brother will probably fight over who gets to use the Lite.

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Okay, thanks for your opinions. I think I'll go ahead and get one. I heard that the stores are getting shipments at the end of the month, so I'll keep an eye out.

It's funny that the screen is so much better than the old DS, because I remember being impressed by the old DS's screen when I first got one. It was so much brighter and crisper than the GBA SP's that I kept playing my old GBA games just to see how much better they looked.

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There was a power outage once and I used my (original) DS for light since I always know where it is, as opposed to the flashlights in the house, of which we have several, but rarely use.  The DS is indeed bright.  It's just that the DS Lite is so much brighter.  I'm surprised that the battery doesn't drain too quickly.

There are four brightness settings on the DS Lite.  I think I have it on the second-brightest.  Even the dimmest I believe is on par with or even brighter than the original DS.

Back to AC:WW, I'm also concerned with the other unbuyable items.  I have three or four wallpapers and carpets I need from Saharah.  And apparently I somehow missed like three feathers that you would get by donating specific amounts to Boondox.  Having donated large sums before, I must've passed the range where I would've gotten those feathers.  >_<  Dumb.  I thought I had the turban but I somehow missed that too, I guess that's a red turnip trading thing, so that's not too hard, but I have to wait for Wendell or whoever has it.  I'll make a list soon.

I have a spare Phyllis's pic, Pelly's pic and town hall model, all of which require A LOT of Bells in the town hall's bank to get (the town hall model requires 1 Bell short of a billion, in other words, the max).  I'd trade those unbuyables for some of what I'm missing, but I have to figure out what else I don't have...well, lots of Gracie clothes.  Grrr.