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« on: January 01, 2022, 10:09:58 pm »

It's 2022!  This May marks the 20th anniversary of!

I have a couple of things in mind to celebrate the past couple decades - one of which is a NINTENDO QUEST DVD GIVEAWAY!

"Nintendo Quest" is a film directed by Rob McCallum (Video Game Box Art: The Stories Behind The Covers, Action Figure Adventure) about his friend Jay Bartlett's road trip journey across Ontario and the United States to try to collect all of the games for the Nintendo Entertainment System within a month, but without any online purchases.  Will he be able to find over 670 games in under 30 days?

The DVD I'm giving away is the Kickstarter-exclusive version of "Nintendo Quest", which has an audio commentary not found elsewhere.

If you want one of these DVDs, the prerequisite is simply that you have contributed at least 20 maps* to  That's it!  I'm not going to be actively notifying everyone that already has submitted enough maps - you do have to take action - but all it is is to email reminding me of your maps, and with the address that you would like the DVD to be sent to.  I will not use your email address or physical address for any other purpose.

Take advantage of this offer while you can!  It's totally free, I will even cover the shipping.  This offer will go on this year, while supplies last.

This is to thank you for making what it is today!  So, thank you!

(Now if only we could have some kind of quest to get maps of every single NES game... heh...  Popular as the NES is on this site, there are still many games that remain unmapped even after all this time...)

If you don't have enough maps but still want a Nintendo Quest DVD, I am selling them here:

* 20 or more maps is a guideline.  If you have sent in fewer than 20 maps, but they are big and/or impressive maps, I could be swayed to send you a DVD anyway.  I originally said that sending in 40 or more maps will not get you multiple, but now I would consider sending more than one, if you ask nicely.  :P
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Re:'s 20th Anniversary - NINTENDO QUEST DVD GIVEAWAY!
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Some of you have taken advantage of this offer, and that's great!

Those of you who haven't, why not?  It's free!  Not even shipping!

I got a comment recently about international shipping - yes, as far as I know, it should not be a problem for me to send it to anywhere in the world.