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Wagyan Land is a beloved series to many.
Say what you will about the boss fight systems; they are personally not my cup o' tea.
But the platforming elements are absolutely fantastic.
Anyone trying to speed run thru some of these games (on the higher difficulties) will be pleasantly entertained / challenged.
Many of these games contain secrets/warps and hidden items to find.
Only the original Wagyan Land on the NES has been mapped.  Below is the list of Wagyan Land games (at least for home consoles)

1989   NES            Wagyan Land   
1990   NES            Wagyan Land 2
1991   game gear  Wagyan Land (many elements/stages differ from the original NES game)
1991   SNES          Super Wagyan Land
1992   NES            Wagyan Land 3
1993   SNES          Super Wagyan Land 2
1994   SNES          Wagyan Paradise   (this might be one of the most beautiful games ever; incredible graphics)
2005   DS              Hirameki Action - Chibikko Wagyan No Ooki Na Bouken