Author Topic: The Flaws of Sonic Origins & Superstars, & How to Avoid Recreating Them  (Read 1634 times)

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OK, for as long as we remember, Sonic Origins and Sonic Superstars are the most recent Sonic games to date, but I would like to place statements out, and how people could, can, and will take the time to reflect on its flaws and shortcomings, and how they can truly avoid repeating them in the future, when it comes to game design. Sure, it can be fun for some, but others stated otherwise more.

Sonic Origins, being another compilation, was to bring the best Sonic games we have had in one roof, once again, but the games were all brought to redoing by using the Retro Engine, which is RSDK Version 5U, that updates it to run prior games that run prior versions before upgrading said engine again and again.

While its nice to have, the decisions in having to play those past games again came out contradictory to game preservationists still working to keep original versions playable and running beyond decades. We're trying to have numerous outlets in playing them again, not less. Its rather unnecessary for what Sega did.

I mean, we still have the games still emulated, so, the very least we could've had is the actual choice to play emulated original versions, and the Retro Engine enhanced ports at once, rather than being wholly unified in one collection. People still play those emulated games, and they'd prefer that over the flawed collection.

The Drop Dash move in past Sonic games are truly pointlessly shoehorned in. I mean, just because its a very amazing new move to use in Sonic Mania doesn't mean all past and future Sonic games HAVE to have the Drop Dash in. Its not meant to be a mandatory requirement to get by the stages, even when they're more or less shorter than Mania's.

In points of history and in sense of its proper continuity, that contradicts the point of it supposed to be a compilation of Sonic games in the past. And, it should've been restricted to Classic Sonic only, not widespread to everywhere in the series, even Modern Sonic.

If any later 2D Sonic game should have Drop Dash in, please keep it as an optional choice, not mandatory.

Of course, I can't forget the addition of Origins Plus that includes Amy and past Game Gear games. Amy in later 2D Classic Sonic games should be better utilized for a bit more than just her hammer. At least, it would help her stand out from the others.

Now, to Sonic Superstars...

That game's been out for months, but I, having not played it myself, expected that setbacks would be abound when people played it, and I was right. The execution has been not very well-made in the eyes and minds of many still expecting a proper continuation

The levels are all original, yes, just as we would want in later 2D Sonic games, but their overall execution in style and level design comes quite short in their overall presentation. I mean, much of

The price point of $60, regardless of medium, huge pass on it. And with not much to offer on the package by meager cosmetics to multiplayer skins for its competition mode.

The engine that runs it is in Unity rather than Retro Engine. And its attempts to replicate what physics truly worked in Mania, kinda spotted out a few more annoying irritations than more perfections. I mean, some people did find more flaws not many looked at. Won't say, cause I can't keep track of 'em.

The plotline had very little to no coherency of continuity and overall adherence to the actual scheme Dr. Robotnik tried to commit, with no actual explanation to whatever he wanted to rule the world with, besides still trying to get the Chaos Emeralds again. Sure, Fang got brought into the scheme, but still.

Moreover, the story isn't truly set to have a proper explanation to how Robotnik escaped from a self-created pocket void from the Phantom Ruby from Sonic Mania Plus' Encore Mode's ending. There should've been a Classic Sonic game that follows up on it before setting any other new story. Its definitely an out of place continuity error for me.

Superstars' music tracks are fine to hear for some, but others, they lack in such energy and vibrant varieties we have been used to in past games. Even some prior sound effects are improperly out of place in a Classic Sonic game. I can hear certain sound effects from Sonic Lost World and others obviously played in key points. It like an unnecessary bridging of Classic and Modern Sonic in many aesthetics.

If its one other thing I find more annoying in Superstars, its the habit of putting in many of the same, old, Badniks over and over again! Crabmeat, Buzz Bomber, Slicer, Anton, yep, you name them. And the new Badniks almost all have their names labeled with the generically bland "Mecha" affix in them, rather than their appropriate naming choices.

The EggRobos are okay, they should be feature more, but they obviously, and erroneously, use the Modern Sonic design instead of Classic Sonic's design. Both designs from both co-continuities(which should still be so) should keep their own, not use one for both or one over the other.

The point of any new sequel to any game is to have all-new enemies in them, rather than just reuse and recycle same old enemies over and over, as prior Sonic games have.

The bosses, oh, boy... it should've been a prime reason why the game should've been nicknamed "Sonic SuperSLOGS", because of how boring and slogging it is to try to score hits on each boss and having to wait until we could hit them again. The designs are original, yes, but their execution could've been better. Prior Sonic games don't have it, not even Sonic Mania.

To point out, yes, there were very little original Zones in Sonic Mania, I can sympathize with that, but understand that the game's meant to be an anniversary commemoration of Sonic the Hedgehog, so past levels from games can be expected, yet, some original levels in the story have to be included. Otherwise, it wouldn't do well as the proper return to 2D Sonic roots we've been wanting for. That, and the bosses are more straightforward to the point with very little slugging down thrown in.

The (SPOILERS!!) final Zone, Egg Fortress, I can state that this Zone is the most unsatisfying final level I've seen in any Sonic game, regardless of what came prior to it. All it is just a mere struggling trek to a mere shambling, albeit truly incompletely rushed, supervillain stronghold to stop Robotnik's scheme from coming to be, taking to the end of its singular Act, and nearly back to the start via an unstable, unexplainable time-reversing creation of his serving as its Act 2.

I mean, really. I felt that Zone lacking in what others have pulled off before. Titanic Monarch did well in being a good final level, but Freedom Planet's Final Dreadnought, that brought better means of how an actual final level in any game would've been(barring any prior tech limits & game design decisions & such).

The encompassing of an actual, whole supervillain stronghold, split into multiple stages, each taking place in different parts of said stronghold, with their own locations' themes & aesthetics depicting its depths, such as the hangar, armory, and power core, are all encompassed as the whole trek into the depths of the villain's well-defended establishment, all while still under one whole coherent setting to solidify the whole, well-made finale. And each ending with its own unique boss, with the Wily Castle formula staples thrown in, axing out a mandatory boss rush in the end, it gave greater emphasis in having a great, and with 4 Acts/Rounds rather than 2, well-established finale to the overall game's story.

The point of my post here is for anyone to acknowledge those flaws, evaluate them, and what people can do in the near future to avoid making key bad decisions/mistakes in their projects.

And, I apologize for this long post, but my thoughts had to be brought out here.