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So-called "exclusive" games...
« on: June 04, 2024, 09:38:31 pm »

Click on it for a 4K version.  I'd be meaning to put this together for years... Finally got around to it.

I know "console war" stuff is mostly just BS and marketing.  But what I think is noteworthy is that in this generation in particular, Sony's putting their own-first party games on Steam now.  Microsoft has been putting most of their Xbox games on PC since the original Xbox.  So the PlayStation and Xbox brands are diluting.  With all the talk of them not making much profit as AAA games cost too much to make (also laying off studios as a result), there's been some discourse about the value of being exclusive versus putting things out on more platforms to get more of the audience.

If hardware is sold at a loss, to be made up for by people buying games on it, why take the hit on the R&D for the hardware in the first place, if you can just have people play these games on PC?

Nintendo still knows exclusives... seems they're the only one.