Author Topic: The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Hours (April Fools' 2008 Project) - Brainstorming Topic  (Read 271783 times)

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256th post!


I'm going to bed, since it's past 11 PM.  Could it get any closer?  o_0

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Sweet. The maps dungeons (from a cursory glance) look much more cohesive than most of what I could come up with. If you want, I could write a little blurb tomorrow about the project and the little dungeon I made.

also, lol Falsia.


Dot? Dot. Dot!

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I will certainly talk more about the project, and also show your dungeon with your blurb.  Give me a couple days, I need a break from thinking about this...phew...

Up until the other day, the name was going to be "Falosia".  But "Falsia" doesn't only imply "false" - there's more to it than that.  But who will figure it out first?

There's no Hero's Cave or original bosses because I literally ran out of time.  I just barely finished with less than an hour to spare (at least in my time zone).  Proodyl's Fortress was entirely made in one sitting on Sunday - I didn't even think I'd be able to make it at all!

But lots more about that later.  I SERIOUSLY need to go to bed now, it's almost half past midnight and I have to get up in five hours for work...

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Great job Jon.  I am glad to see this project completed.