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Map Gab / RE: Oracle of Hours (Requesting JonLeung)
« on: August 18, 2008, 01:41:02 pm »
If you ever finish it, please e-mail a downloadable version of it to me at!

And another thing, in order for it to become night while you don't have the Hours lantern, perhaps it could become night after you walk, like, thru a certain amount of screens?

Aw man, I was so sad when I found out this game wasn't real! It seemed like such a cool game, especially the Flipping hourglass shrine!

Okay, If anyone makes a downloadable fangame of OoH, email it to me at

I made this account just so I could post this!

Oh, and Mr. Jon Leung...

If no~one makes a game, can I take your hourglass building idea and incorperate it into my manga?

Example of my art:

Oh, and my manga isn't a LoZ fanmanga, I just thought the hourglass idea was cool.

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