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Map Requests / Re: Ultima and Final Fantasy
« on: April 17, 2013, 07:53:28 pm »
I was surprised by the absence of FFVII maps too. All the dungeon maps are flat and the world map has 2 modes: the 3D on the ground view and the 2D overhead view. The 2D view would be ideal for making a map. Same goes for FFVIII & FFIX.

How are such maps ripped from the game's data files? I'm interested in mapping encounter tables and map boundaries. I've compiled that for many of the earlier FFs, made a few maps of regions with the encounters listed for each terrain visually, though the absence of encounter data hurts some games (FFIII, FFIV, FFVIII, FFIX mainly). I'm curious about FFVII & FFVIII's maps on whether they follow the 8x8 grid system of FFI-VI or something new. I've noticed a few oddities but I need maps to be able to verify that. I might do the same for the FFL series, though in FFLIII I have no idea how the encounters are structured since one effort to record 256 battles on one dungeon map on one floor was a bust (add to that the game's huge intervals between encounters at time, which even when sped up can still be a while). I've been able to surmise there are 128 battle formations, possibly 256 if some are duplicated with different configurations.

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