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I mostly concern Playstation, Xbox, and PC so I guess I will only gives idea about those 3:
1) Playstation: God of War trilogy - Persona 4 & 5 - Resident Evil 4 - FF XII - Bloodborne
2) Xbox (since it's from Microsoft so there will be games which available on PC. But still I hope it's legit): Halo trilogy (Halo Combat Evolved - Halo 2 - Halo 3) - Fable - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Gear of War trilogy (except GoW 4 of course) - Tomb Raider
3) PC: Warcraft III - Starcraft - Diablo II (sorry, I'm used to be Blizzard fanboy) - Dragon Age Origins - Dota 2

VGMaps Social Board / Hi everyone!
« on: June 12, 2017, 04:21:40 am »
Hi everyone! Since I don't see any introduction thread so I guess posting here is legit?
I'm Antonio and I'm newbie here :D. I'm quite into gaming myself, especially RPG games like Dark Souls, Dragon Age Origins & Inquisition, Witcher 3, Skyrim, Persona 4 + 5. I also plays other genre, but not as much as these RPG games though.
Currently I'm also working on a RPG maker game project so i thought it would be nice to learn more from various people. And so I hope to share and learn more from you guys.

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