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A couple months ago, NGamer Magazine included a poster with their mag. The poster had a LttP map on one side and Super Metroid on the other. I only know this because they contacted me for permission to use my SM map. (Granted it was only 24"x36")

Maps In Progress / RE: Parasite Eve (PSX)
« on: October 05, 2006, 09:45:51 am »
I look forward to seeing these maps as well. Many fond memories of playing through PE, and PE2.

I was also pretty excited when I found out that after level 36 the EXP needed to advance was MUCH less. I think that happens because you can only have 9,999,999 EXP total and LV35 to LV36 takes about 1,400,000. if it kept rising each level, your EXP go way higher than the cap.

Anyway, yeah, the Chrysler Building is a pile of random frustration. Until I leveled up and added the Cyanide "ability" to my main gun. I was actually doing 999 damage per hit to some of the enemies.

One last thing, as I'm cruizing down memory lane regarding upgrading weapons. I found out that Damage is actually divided among all the bullets in your clip. So if your damage is 100, for example, and you have a 3 shot clip, you'll do 33 damage per bullet. If you upgrade a weapon's clip size to 10, you don't get 33 damage per bullet anymore you get 10 damage per bullet.

I thought it would be awesome to be doing 999 damage per shot with a 10 round clip but it turned out not to be worth it. So, anyone playing this, don't mess with the clip size.

Oh, and Jon, Go finish PE2 before it gets too dated.

Map Gab / RE: Where do you stand?
« on: October 02, 2006, 09:37:30 am »
Not to sound like an ass, but it's not really a good representation to go by number of maps. Some maps consist of a single screenshot of a bonus room or tiny portion of a world map.

For example, I've only submitted one map for Simon's Quest but it could have easily been 20 if I had divided it into each area and submitted it that way.

Might be more accurate to judge by Square Pixels than by a number.

Food for thought.

I ran into some problems with the clouds. I extracted them using the GLIntercept thing.

The clouds are actually 4 128x36 tiles that can be assembled into a 128x128 tile. The problem is that those tiles repeat HORIZONTALLY ONLY. When playing the game the same clouds are visible all the time. So there literally aren't any graphics that vertically exceed the screen.

Here is a link to some samples.

Sample 1) Custom 256x256 clouds repeated.

Sample 2) Actual 128x128 clouds repeated.

Sample 3) One row of custom clouds with a solid color background above that.

Well, for starters, those are some options we can discuss.

Sorry, I can't post any links yet. I just can't afford to "buy" that ability right now.

So I spent some time messing around with the cloud background in that last room that I did. (I know the moon is "in front" of the clouds on this image but I was just experimenting.

What do you think?


I wasn't going to mess with the candles just yet until I figured out how to put the "glow" around them. I liked frame of the "chalace" candles in that area. You can copy the sprite off that map to post in your introduction.

Terra, The mountains and moon are on a separate layer. The moon is behind you no matter where you are and the mountains scroll a little. I wasn't exactly sure where I should put them (in the middle, bottom, top) so I just put them at the bottom. Also the moving clouds are over the top of the moon, but behind the mountains. Why the moon looks a little "off".

My save game was after all the items were collected so I didn't have any of those.

Revned, I'll check for a previous version of the library.

Interestingly enough, the red doors actually do have that extra vertical row of pixels on the left side of the door in the game. Weird.

Well, all right. The clouds would just be a big repeating pattern anyway. They would probably look ok in a normal sized room, but this one has so much "sky" that all those repeated clouds might look funny.

Here's the "completed" room: 1792 X 1231

Regarding your blue door problem. I encountered the same thing with the candles. Some of them have an oval glow to them that is semi-transparent. I suppose we'll have to extract the sprite and separate a glow then upload both files so that everyone can use them.

The room I'm doing also has some moving clowds that are proving to be a problem to capture.

Guess, I'll have to try the GLIntercept thing.

Just for giggles, I'm going to map a room. Top left corner of the room is 6:Z.

Here's a link to what I have for the Alchemy Room. It's been a while since I did this but I'm pretty sure there is some custom pixel work between the rooms. Also the candles aren't syncronized.

Some challenges I remember with this room is that there are a ton of ornimentals around. These are actually on the foreground so the parallex background is behind them. Loads of nitpickey pixel removal there.

I'll chime in here as well. Probably won't get much help from me, but I do have a good portion of the "Alchemy Room" finished as well as the background for that area.

I also have a separate file of just the background for the library tho, I don't think it's used anywhere else in the game.

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