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So for a few years, browsers simply download a SWF instead of running it. Maybe instead of linking to the SWF, link to a page that uses Ruffle (

Ruffle is a Flash emulator built with WebAssembly which is a standard that's been around for five years or so. Ruffle also works on mobile devices which Flash never supported. It will allow a user to view the SWF without downloading it or having the official Flash Player installed on their machine. Plus, mobile devices will finally be able to run the content.

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most important games! Don't let that great interactive map get lost because Flash was deprecated!

I just confirmed this is true. The rock above the slot machine does indeed break.

My guess as to why this is such an obscure secret is that hammers are in very limited supply, and most people who get to world 4 with a hammer in their inventory are probably going to use it to get to the mushroom house. I always do.

Totally agree and you won't get the locked gate opened for beating the fortress, so if you get a game over then you wasted your hammer and you have to do the first three stages again.

The only reason you'd pick the second rock over the one that blocks the mushroom house is if you were doing a Speedrun.

The thing is it's apparent that most people don't even realize that there's an alternative path there. Even though it's not a particularly helpful shortcut, it still totally blew my mind.

Very few people know about this secret in Super Mario Bros 3's Giant Land. At the coin that marks the halfway-point between level 3 and the first fortress of world 4 on the map, you can use a hammer to break the rock to your south and then you can skip the first fortress. The guy who made the map suggests that only one rock is breakable by tinting it red, but there should be two red rocks.

That's how big of a secret this shortcut is: pro's that have played the game for years don't even know about it! My mind was blown when I first found out about it!

I checked NES, SNES, Genesis, GB, and SMS -- and didn't see any plus signs in filenames.

Thanks, works now!  :D

I viewed the HTML source of the GBA page and found a few more plus signs in filenames. So you don't need Windows Search to find these problematic filenames.

Another broken URL is:

It looks like several of the Mario vs Donkey Kong filenames have plus signs and are returning 404's.

Also "Super Chinese 1+2 Advance" for GBA has plus signs and are returning 404's

Map Gab / Super Mario Advance 4: SMB 3: e-World levels: 404 Not Found
« on: April 08, 2022, 01:02:04 pm »
I know you just switched from GoDaddy to a new host. When I try to view the e-World maps, I get a 404 error.

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