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Maps In Progress / eishiya's Maps.
« on: April 08, 2013, 05:11:34 pm »
I've been mapping Magical Starsign for my own enjoyment/learning, but I noticed there was a request for it a long time ago, so I figured I'd post what I have so far, and update as I make more.

I do not have a WTW code, and as such there are choppy edges and occasional missing parts. Aside from the early maps (Will-o'-Wisp Academy, Spiny Mole areas, and Where the Stars Sleep, Space Police HQ), all of these are aligned to the grid, so if you'd like to study the tiles in this game, just overlay a grid of 16x16px squares on top of the images.

On to the pretties!

Will-o'-Wisp Academy (236KB)

Erd (1.2MB)
Erd: Kahve Ruins (141KB)
Erd: Where the Stars Sleep (55KB)
Erd: Mole Town Peatmoss (90KB)
Erd: Spiny Mole Hole (76KB)
Erd: Gorgonzola's Hole-a (37KB)
Erd: Stone Giant (390KB)

Cassia (Frozen) (1.1MB)
Cassia: Dragon Road (195KB)
Cassia (1.5MB)
Cassia: Ambergris Prep (46KB)
Cassia: Holy Water Pyramid (147KB)

Puffoon (1.1MB)
Puffoon: Space Police HQ (119KB)
Puffoon: Couscous Ruins (470KB)

Gren (2.5MB)
Gren: Holy Tree Yggsalad (280KB)

Razen (1.6MB)
Razen: Shishkebab Cavern Part 1 (210KB), Part 2 (182KB), Part 3 (296KB)
Razen: Capsicum Caverns (622KB)
Razen: Condimen Tower (134KB)

Nova (176KB)
Nova: Phunnel Pit (62KB)
Nova: King's Road (23KB)
Nova: Sparklin Palace (182KB)
Nova: Starway (73KB)

Shadra (712KB)
Shadra: Chromagar Cave (1.4MB)

That's it for the story areas! I'm still missing the optional Glissini Caves dungeon, and I'm still unsure if that one's worth mapping due to its repetitive, simple structure (a text list of possible enemies would be far more helpful to anyone tackling it than a map).
So, what do I do with these now? Although I've labelled the more complex areas and included the standard treasure chests, I think these are too rough for the site. They're missing some of the secret chests, and they're impractically large. Honestly, I don't even know how to tackle splitting some of these up into useful chunks, especially with the ladder-heavy dungeons.

Edit: I'm really not a walkthrough-map making type, I just like to study the pixel art. If anyone wants to take these maps and label them so that they're useful to players, feel free! Credit for the raw maps is not required.

June 2016 Edit: Replaced the broken ImageShack links with PostImage links. The new host has some occasional downtime, but at least it still exists!

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