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Map Requests / Re: Full map set for Sonic the Hedgehog's games
« on: July 16, 2024, 09:25:00 am »
Which sprite need to use for the items on maps?

Maybe put them in a rotational manner for the items in the maps. a circular arrow with them should do it.

Map Requests / Re: Freedom Planet (PC) maps?
« on: July 16, 2024, 09:23:08 am »
A minor history about Dragon Valley, the game's first stage...

Upon comparing the once-private video about the stage being functionally complete at that particular time it was in development before the game became indie and its finished state, the stage formerly had 3 maps, the 2nd of which had Act 1's end and Act 2's beginning, which segues from the former to the latter as how Sonic 3 did with the Acts when each Zone's miniboss is beaten.

I was amazed that such a game as that continued that kind of formula Sonic 3 and & Knuckles made on its debut. Thought to myself, "Why can't more games follow the kind of formula like Sonic 3 did?".

The 1st map wasn't extended horizontally by about a few hundred or so, and not having one of Brevon's troops piloting a hijacked copter from Shuigang as its background story event trigger, apparently.

It also had an actual in-game introduction scene featuring Hunter Snake and Serpentine, the latter of which had his design almost final. Almost. Ending it immediately starts the stage and the gameplay. Shame it was presumably tossed out. Would've been kept in as the means of Serpentine siccing the Hunter Snake on anyone trying to follow him, just in case to make sure no one interferes his efforts.

The 3rd and formerly final map was the stage's end that held the major boss fight against the boss that held both the roles of miniboss and major boss, Hunter Snake, a bit more difficult that time. That was because the stage didn't had its 4th map with its boulder chase in it and the major boss moved there to the actual end before a demo was made.

And the first map's layout was modified slightly a couple times before launch, but the rest remains the same.

I presume the stage's maps from that video are present, likely deep in the archives. Would be nice to see them... or at the very least, have them recreated from the demo tilesets, before their overhaul.

Proof via video link(Dragon Valley beta video, formerly private, provided by RankoChan, re-uploaded and archived by Icedland, actual video uploaded on 12/4/2011) -

Also, I did manage to find a link about the game's maps ripped from the game by a user on Reddit named "Snickerbockers", but I'm not sure how recent they are from then to today. Just in case they aren't, better to have them brought up from its recent version.

The link's here(link from said user that brought them is there, too) -

Map Requests / Re: Freedom Planet (PC) maps?
« on: July 14, 2024, 10:32:29 pm »
When I said I pondered about Freedom Planet's map sizes for stages compared to key past Sonic games, I meant leaning between the ranges about the 10,000s and about maybe 20,000s... but I'm still not quite sure yet.

Once the maps are uploaded and seen in the atlas by anyone willing, I'll have my curiosities settled.

Maps In Progress / Re: Rokko Chan (PC, Flash)
« on: July 12, 2024, 10:06:59 pm »
So, I see the rest of Rokko Chan's maps still haven't been finished and uploaded to the atlas' PC map branch yet. Their progresses are presently at a standstill.

I see RT 55J's done good work, but there's still more yet to be finished. IF RT 55J's around, well, I'm eager to see this done soon.

I enjoy seeing the nice somewhat indie equivalent of Mega Man's classic roots, that is, if it continued on the 8-bit path, despite many of its sound effects being played in less crisper qualities compared to lots heard crisp and clear from past games.

The good thing is thanks to fans of Rokko Chan not wanting to see the game lost to time, due do it being made in Flash, that game's been preserved for offline playability, so nobody has to worry about losing a thing, not even map progression.

All the people worked on that game did really good staying true to the 8-bit aesthetic Mega Man's past games had... perhaps a bit too closely in my perspective, due to how the bigger sprites for characters are, but doing it gets the job done. Asagen's responsibility for the game's sound and music really rocked it out there, too.

If Rokko Chan gets the hi-bit redux treatment, the term meaning the game to adhere to the pixel art and sound aesthetics of our past consoles, but not adhering too close to the past consoles' tech limits, well, I'd be up for that. Maybe see the game redone with widescreen support, purchasable support items, a bestiary, a few allies for Rokko, better sprite animation fluidity, more clearer graphics and actual parallax scrolling instead of static backgrounds adhered to the foregrounds' tilesets, crisp, clear sounds, cosmetics, and so on. And and actual ending seeing Dr. Mad's fortress crumble into scrap heaps and peace restored to the world after his defeat.

I kinda heard a sequel's supposed to be in development, but that's been at a standstill for who knows how long. Hope it gets back on track.

For those wanting to download and play the game, here's the link for it, couresty of news from Rockman Corner about that, as well as a few goodies to snag.

Rockman Corner's Rokko Chan Preservation Post -

The game's download link is there. Look for it, click it, then download and play it and have fun!

Any wanting to see the artbook already preserved as an alternative to downloading it, here's this link -

And, for those with a Twitter/X account to talk to King Soukutu, the creator responsible for the game, here's the link for it -

Map Requests / Re: Freedom Planet (PC) maps?
« on: July 11, 2024, 02:37:13 pm »
are you meen vertical loops (like Sandropolis/Metropolis) or horizontal-looping sections (like egg-utopia)?

Well, more or less, horizontal loops for some stages.

I pondered about their maps' sizes comparable to other prior 2D Sonic games, not counting 3D, but I leaned a bit closer to Sonic 3's or a bit the likes of Advance 2, Rush or Colors DS' sizes. I'm not sure if any reached the length of Sandopolis Zone's maps... either Act 1 or Act 2's.

Given how the game's levels were made in Multimedia Fusion 2, and the computer hardware we had at the time that had not many people making larger/longer 2D games' maps, and seeing how long the latter Sonic games' maps are, I'm kinda feeling Freedom Planet's maps are a bit in-between them... maybe. I've not even yet seen how complex their layouts many were.

I did count how many maps each main stage had, though.

For instance, Dragon Valley had 4 maps, which formerly had 3 during the game's dev years when it was once a Sonic fangame(bit of a story behind the change to being an indie game, not gonna tell that here), and Pangu Lagoon's maps are a total of 7, one more compared to some having about 6, Jade Creek being one of said stages having 6.

Final Dreadnought, in the end, well... it's got a whopping total of TEN MAPS, divided across 4 Rounds, even the Final Battle against the evil intergalactic warlord, Lord Arktivus Brevon, is included, though I'm still not sure about their sizes in that matter.

And, the sequel's maps, while apparently larger due to the larger tilesets made, I'm not sure about their overall size and length, despite all those stages being condensed into one large/long-ish map that eschews out how the previous game's stages handled their long stages thematically.

I really hope to see both games' maps in full sometime soon. Even if it also means raw maps.

Glad you're keeping in touch, though.

Map Requests / Thrillville & Thrillville: Off The Rails Maps
« on: July 10, 2024, 06:58:20 am »
My mind just lately thought of what games' maps aren't yet seen, "Thrillville" and its sequel, "Thrillville: Off The Rails".

If some of you in the community may or may not remember, the games made by Frontier Developments are roller coaster management simulators, taking on the steps of Rollercoaster Tycoon's park managing formula, places people in charge of managing the eccentric inventor and theme park enthusiast Uncle Mortimer's Thrillville Amusement Parks, a popular line of amusement parks guaranteed to give guests lots of fun while keeping tabs on the player's efforts of being the theme park manager, all the while taking on the rather evil business-focused billionaire mogul and overall main antagonist, Vernon Garrison, who churned up his own theme park rival line, Globo-Joy, and seeks to derail Mortimer's fun-centered parks and conquer the theme park market, regardless of consumers' misery and opinions. So, naturally, its up to Mortimer, and, who else, the players, that's us, to stop Garrison's plans and keep Thrillville a success.

I just thought that seeing the maps of Rollercoaster Tycoon made me think of said two games' maps not yet seen here. There's a couple of them, including their minigames, not counting the attractions with customizable layouts.

I'm sure they were nice and fun as many remember.

Whoever is up to mapping them, please go right ahead. It may be a bit of a ride, no pun intended, but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Map Requests / Re: Freedom Planet (PC) maps?
« on: July 06, 2024, 05:42:28 pm »
Greatly sorry for reviving a very, very long-dormant post, but I'm still feeling curious about that game's maps' sizes, being that they designs are a bit in line with how Sonic 3 & Knuckles' levels were, but I still don't even feel if they were larger than them or weren't, nor the likes of Sonic Advance 2 nor Sonic's DS games up to Colors DS, which are still the longest and largest yet, prior to this game's creation.

I am rather impressed with how it was modeled after Sonic 3's way of handling Acts seamlessly in many ways, ranging from beating the minibosses in each Zone to outright swapping Act 1's map to Act 2 to continue without fading to the next, because, from the time it was formed, it was a former Sonic fangame before reconverting into an indie game of its own while still retaining key aspects from prior Sonic games.

And, of course, to make each stage thematically long before facing the main boss at the end, from what I've seen, they had more than one reasonably long map in one stage that goes from one to the next after reaching their exit point.

Granted, they were made in Multimedia Fusion 2 and because we had lesser RAM amounts to make 2D game maps, among other things, but, you know, at that time until we had larger amounts, they seemed reasonable, and the fact that hardly anyone knew how long they were.

Its been far long in this, but if someone could take time from their schedule, any available mapper to be precise, to do Freedom Planet's maps in full, well, it'd be a great help to the VGMaps community.

Given ItalianGamer97's present absence in here, I'd say nobody's yet done Freedom Planet's maps.

Who's willing to take this task up?

Map Requests / Re: Full map set for Sonic the Hedgehog's games
« on: June 29, 2024, 05:02:08 pm »
I see you've done well on your progress. I caught on how you tackled the shorter maps first, the boss Acts from Sonic Rivals 1 & 2, before doing the whole levels themselves. Very good.

What I am astounded is the entirety of Sonic Unleashed's PS3/X360 version's final level, Eggmanland's Crimson Carnival, that's the level's name to suit the theme park setting, as it really does use both Day and Night aspects at once, and I now know why how long it actually takes to finish that. I took one look, and, oh, BOY, is it LONG!

Now I finally see why its a literal ride, so to speak. And knowing how Dr. Eggman's vision of an amusement park as part of his Eggman Empire, its anything but to everyone.

Hope you have good time on your trip. I'm sure there's other maps you'll tackle when you get back. And thanks for making those maps!

B.T.W., I spotted a discrepancy about the copyright year of Sonic Unleashed. It seemed to be copied of the years from Sonic 06, but the year Unleashed is actually 2008, 2009 for DLC.

And, I noticed at the very end of Savannah Citadel, Night Act 1, there's a particular secret compound Dr. Eggman built that I saw in the distance, kinda obscured by gameplay, where he kept Professor Pickle hostage there with the stolen Gaia Manuscripts that were crucial to his scheme of harnessing Dark Gaia's power to construct Eggmanland, before he set to split the planet apart to awaken it. The map doesn't seem to show it in whole and up-close.

If you've got the time and chance one day, update it to include the compound in full view.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Maps In Progress / Re: FlyingArmor's Map Projects Present and Future
« on: June 29, 2024, 04:42:40 pm »
Fantastic work so far as always. I love the world maps for this game, and the SNES version color palette in general

As I, too. Nice we're seeing more JRPG maps seen. I'm more platform focused, but, I sometimes think of seeing RPG maps.

Hope to see more of yours up soon.

We all have such really good memories of our best dual-screen handheld gaming systems too precious to let go, which we don't want to, even though Nintendo made them, but I still believe there's lots more potential beneath them. It just needs to be looked in more.

Anyone having good product, designing, hardware and software engineering skills should really think of making new dual-screen handhelds inspired by the likes of DS/DSi & 3DS, and make their designs non-Mobile nor Switch based, but make them much better, addressing what problems they had, like local connection ad-hoc radius range, slow download speeds, & battery life and usage duration, and incorporate new additions no single screen gaming system could have, home or otherwise. And have new SDKs that support changes to better become more adapted to present game engines for better 3rd party support & others.

In short, if Nintendo, in their rather uncertain, present state, actually falls flat on whatever they're working on, and whatever bad business practices harming gamers & preservation they keep on continuing leads to it(and I just heard so many about that lately, don't get me wrong), we need a "Plan B" of sorts for the gaming industry just in case, and to better anticipate such outcomes.

Just because the Switch's hybrid console blueprint is deemed the best, doesn't mean it has to be THE definitive blueprint, nor the future, of console or handheld gaming. Its the overall, actual experience of playing actual handheld games on said systems that matters, and the Switch just doesn't really match it up in any way, nor makes it any better. It doesn't really feel the same at all. It feels like a void in need of filling, so to speak.

It would also help give lots of past dual-screen games new, better leases on life, even ports. There's lots in need of re-recognition. Nobody should ignore them any longer, not even younger children.

It's time people step up to the plate and give dual-screen gaming eternal preservation and recognition they still truly deserve.

I kinda had some thoughts on those that are making 2D games, even maps, through engines capable of 2D games, not counting engines in 2.5D or 3D.

2D games of all kinds have come quite a long way from their past years, from Mario, through Sonic, and others, even seeing more larger, longer maps by having stronger CPUs, more RAM, and other small tech advancements and new programs to make 2D game making more easier and more efficient.

Larger maps weren't previously reachable before that, even though clever trickery via programmers did made it so, like how Sonic 3's Hydrocity Zone's maps were more larger and longer than Sonic 2's Chemical Plant Zone's, from what I've read, but now, they are, and still will... but the choice is all up to the people.

Speedrunners, in a different matter, do have no problem blazing through them, from small maps to latest, longer maps, because they all like to take on the challenge on clearing them in shorter times than may people play normally, and I admire their efforts for going for their own records.

I've loved longer and/or larger maps in 2D games, because of my curiosities of 'em, and was astounded by Sonic Colors DS' Asteroid Coaster Act 2's size, which is 44,256 pixels wide, the longest in any 2D Sonic game by far(not counting other maps that surpass the horizontal length, but not in actual completion length, like Sonic Superstars, for instance), and Hollow Knight's overall Hallownest map size of 72,622 pixels wide and 48,128 pixels tall, but I feel, depending on well suited flows to clear them, we could see more maps longer/larger than that, thanks to RAM memory increases, but the game engines, if any are in need of it, should be updated to accommodate those larger amounts, not to mention stronger CPUs for computers.

I do my best to try not to gripe about 'em, too, despite how longer and/or larger they're still getting.

With all the extra computing processing power and RAM memory, I personally feel people who make 2D games should take better advantage of 'em to make far more longer/ larger maps and make the best of 'em before we get more increases of 'em.

So, I ask anyone on the VGMaps community this, what do you think of what 2D game engines are more suited to making games and their maps, preferably large, long maps?

They can be used to make regular platformers inspired by the likes of whatever series people love, like Sonic, classic Zelda, or Metroidvanias.

I could count GameMaker being one, and Clickteam Fusion, but I also count Retro Engine(if you've not heard of it yet, that is) being one, too, because its tailored for 2D games besides Sonic.

What other advantages and disadvantages between specific 2D game engines could you also lay us out on?

Map Requests / Re: Maps to Cover...
« on: June 24, 2024, 11:56:42 am »
Well, whoever can tackle mapping those games yet to be mapped in full, I can mark games covered in color, so to keep track which is which.

My curiosities about them really itches me in my brain.

Gaming / Re: Vertical loop glitches in Sonic Superstars
« on: June 24, 2024, 11:54:01 am »
Those are some *very* obvious seams. It's kinda sad that Sonic games from 30 years ago did such things better.

That's because they were 2D made, before 3D got into the industry. I've seen those seams in that video, and those aren't what we see in 2D games at all. Wrapping levels in whatever direction or 2D axis, X or Y, are seamless for that to work. Trying to do that in 3D makes it awkward to see.

Map Requests / Re: After the trip
« on: June 23, 2024, 12:52:17 pm »
At the end of July (at best). I can't able to complete the working in a week.

Well, no one is stopping you. I hope you have a good time on your trip. Enjoy yourself.

Map Requests / Re: JonLeung's Requests
« on: June 21, 2024, 02:45:23 pm »
I don't see any NSwitch game in you request. It's kinda weird because it's a modern and popular conсole with many modern games

Of course there's not in that list, G.E.R.. There's so many games there, but whichever he chooses is up to him.

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