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I see...huh, I never thought of all you think I should say the ORIGINAL image was by Chiasm, not just say that the map was by him?  Or maybe find a way to recreate that font and have the black box say "Originally made by Chiasm.  Edited by Fionordequester"?  Like this?

I mean, the guy who made THAT particular map was Rick Bruns, but still, you know what I mean.  Anyways, I did send Chiasm an email, but unfortunately, he has yet to respond, so I guess we'll see how things go as far as that's concerned.

I see!  Thanks a lot Terra!  Actually, my LP is in screenshot format, so my first update actually uses the map itself, like this...

Of course, previously it looked like this...

But I did some editing to it in order to get rid of most of the white borders.  But I kept in who created the map, and his/her email!  So if what you say is true, that sounds like it should be good, right?

Now, I'm using a bunch of Dragon Warrior 1 (NES) maps created mainly by a guy called Chiasm for this Let's Play I'm doing on the game.  So, what I'm wondering is, what's generally common courtesy when using someone's maps?  Should I contact him/her and say I'm using their maps?  Leave a disclaimer in the map itself that they made it?  Basically, I'm not worried about copyright laws or anything, I just don't want to be a pill, that's all :) .

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