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Games I currently own
-Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Really the only one I have :( )

Games I formerly owned
- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Back when I had the old family N64)
- Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends (A DS game I don't have anymore)
- Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends (One of my first DS games, don't have it anymore)

Games I have at least played (But never owned)
- The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Back when McDonalds playplace videogames were a thing)
- New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Played 4-player at a family get-together thing)

Maps Of The Month / Re: 2017/11: Chip's Challenge (PC) - Peardian
« on: November 05, 2017, 05:49:17 pm »
Peardian, I like this guy. His maps are fantastic, and how surprising that he goes and maps this game.

I have played this game last summer. I didn't like it to be honest (The level design is kind of wonky to me), but I understand the idea of it and how it gave inspiration to many puzzle games to come. For example, a game called Wonderland which I have just fully re-mapped. You can see the reminiscence of that game to Chip's Challenge.

I have some more ideas for mapping tonight. There is this particular series of maps I would like to redo, which I have done about 3-4 years ago. These are maps based on the obscure PC puzzle game Wonderland. I would like to replace all of the older "Ripped" maps of the game, because I thought they were pretty rough around the edges, and replace them with cleaner "Captured" variations. I believe this would be appropriate as I have rarely seen such map type.

What I plan to do is basically take one screenshot of each level. There is some kind of cheat-thing you can do which is manipulate the camera to view certain parts of the map. You can even zoom, etc. This is basically how it will be for this next quick map project. I expect to do it all tonight, and upon submission, I will request a removal of the "Ripped" maps and have them replace the "Captured" ones.

In other words, something you may have noticed is I never worked through the Monster House GBA maps. It came to my attention a few months ago that mapping it was kind of annoying for me. I was using VBA to try mapping the game by the way, but I didn't have much luck doing it the way I wanted. I have decided I am not going to work on this game.

I'm going to try starting the Monster House compilation very soon. Just need to get familiar with VBA's "Map Viewer" tool. I sure hope everything ends up smooth with this method, as I can't seem to find another one online (Nothing but Pokemon and AdvanceMap).

But I have something to share, for about a week, I was in severe pain and found out I had a bowel rupture. I underwent surgery and was hospitalized for five days. Now I'm home and on my laptop, ready to continue my work of amusement. My parents delivered me my GameBoy advance while in the hospital with whatever games they could find, and turns out I've been playing Monster House recently as the cart was stuck in the system. I played that game for quite a while throughout my recovery. Close to 100%, I suppose now that I'm so used to this game, I'll begin mapping it. ;D

I am guessing the compilation will span at least 12 maps. There will be one map for each floor of the Monster House, which are ten. There is also a bonus room in a secret "Hard Mode" which is not part of any of the floor layouts. The bonus room includes a minigame based on the arcade game from the Monster House movie labelled "Thou Art Dead". I also have never got to this part yet while playing. We'll see how this project turns out then.

Here's a May Day update:

First, I began work on the Eversion maps several days ago. I am not doing the HD remake anymore, but the original free version, which is much simpler and easy given most of the sprites are retro-like, as the HD Remake's are pretty difficult to map with. I have done one map so far, that and the "bonus" map with the unused layers.

Next, after starting Eversion, I began the detailed expansion for Pokemon Emerald. There are a handful of reasons why I'm doing this when there is already a collection of maps on the site. First it doesn't go over every map if you count the interiors of buildings, such as gyms, trick house challenges, etc. I will be doing these maps to add on to the set. Not only that, but I will give a detailed explanation of many points of interest in each map. The most common will be Trainers, Wild Pokemon, and Items. I have been playing Emerald and have been keeping my old old cartridge for 10+ years and know so much about it at this point.

Finally, I plan to begin mapping Monster House for GBA soon. This is a different version of the game for the console versions, so it's not going to look the same as that map-wise. I plan to learn and compile maps with the VisualBoyAdvance emulator and a Monster House ROM (Though, I legally known this game as a physical copy). But I would like to 100% the game first as I'm really getting into this game and would like to avoid spoilers and such when I map. I'm getting close to being almost finished, though.

That is all. I'll be making more detailed Emerald maps tonight and will submit the first batch soon.

Well! I wasn't expecting this project to be featured, but I acknowledge the fact that this game has the seasonal match. To be honest, there wasn't much effort into mapping this compared to my other Maps of the Month a few years ago on VVVVVV. As mentioned in my mapping topic, I just had to load each map onto OpenRCT2 - which were fully ported versions compatible with the program - and used the "Giant Screenshot" feature to rip the entire map in a blink of an eye. Another thing I would like to point out is that some maps, like Urban Jungle, don't display the full map that the bottom corner is cut off a bit. I might fix this eventually.

I will be doing RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 soon following the same method as I did before, as it uses the same exact engine than the first one. Thank you for the showcase!

Alright, RollerCoaster Tycoon has been successfully submitted to VGMaps. You can find a link on the first post. Includes all maps from the original game and its two expansion packs. Does not include DLC maps, though. I will begin RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 later.

A few new updates to my project list: I am no longer mapping DOOM. I tried finding an appropriate map viewer/editor for it, but didn't end up finding one. Another thing is I have seen plenty of map renders of the DOOM games as I was trying to find these viewers, so I have the feeling this project isn't worth my time.

I have also started a new project from my planned list: The Eversion HD Remake found on Steam for PC and Mac OS. If you don't know about this game, it's a retro-like platformer with a feature involving switching through different realities, gradually deteriorating and becoming more disturbing as you go deeper. This should be another easy project as there are only eight maps of the game. I also want to submit copies of earlier levels to show the unused realities you cannot access, but can easily be visualized. (The first few levels only grant access to very few realities)

Me posting every few months, what's wrong with me?

But I'm really going to try and do this. I was busy with all kinds of other things in the past, but given I have been playing games which I intended to map, it inspires me to keep going. So yeah, I'm going to stick to it more.

One of the reasons why I want to continue mapping is that I found some imports of RCT1 maps for OpenRCT2, which means I am able to map not only RCT2, but 1 as well by simply taking giant screenshots of scenarios. I am able to capture all of the scenarios on the spot given OpenRCT2 has all kinds of cheats and I can "Win" scenarios in seconds. Same goes with RCT2. So expect both whole projects to be submitted today. Let's hope I can submit correctly this time...

In other words, I have made a small list of ideas for new map projects. Some will be ripped, some will be original, and some will be expansions to already-finished map projects. Here are descriptions of each:

Eversion (The Steam HD version) - This will be easy to map, as it's retro-like. The fun part will be mapping the different layers of each map.
Monster House GBA - A dungeon crawler of interest, works like Luigi's Mansion a bit. I will map via VisualBoyAdvance if I can.
Pokemon Emerald detailed expansion - A re-map of the game which explains all kinds of map features. I'm quite the nerd to this game XD
Skylanders Spyro's Adventure - Original maps. I tried to do this 3-4 years ago, but didn't get around doing so. Hopefully I'll try again soon.

Alright I'm back from yet ANOTHER long hiatus. Woah, it was last May since I posted?

I'm just here to say I began progress on DOOM mapping. What I am doing is loading up the program "XWD" which mods .WAD files that make up an entire game, used to make different DOOM games and levels. I gather a screencapped map file that shows a full top-down perspective of the map. I then export floor texture files, load up GIMP, and paint-fill the textures onto the map. Finally I add the objects which include items and monsters as sprites in their proper place on the map. I've made about half of the first map which is E1M1, Hangar, a simple map to begin with. I just have to add the object sprites onto the map image. I'll be submitting 4-5 maps at a time.

As for RCT, I'll save that for later. Today I was playing around with a new program called "OpenRCT2" which is a modified version of RCT2 with cheats and accessibility settings, etc.. When I went to see what I can do with it, I found a "Take giant screenshot" option which took a screenshot of the entire map. Then I was thinking about my mapping projects, which me beginning to map DOOM. So I decided to begin mapping RCT2 maps, including expansion packs. RCT1 maps are incredibly slow because I have to screencap every part of each map. I wonder if I can take giant screenshots on RCT maps also?

Finally on the subject of the FNAF maps I tried to submit. It appears I forgot how to submit maps correctly. I didn't even remember how I submitted the FNAF maps those months ago. But I've decided to not submit them to the site because it can easily be found elsewhere in the internet, despite how overrated the game has become. But if you can tell me how to submit maps correctly so I know next time I do it again, please do.  :-[

Greetings, I once contributed to VGMaps years ago. Now I'm going to try to come back to map making on my favorite games that haven't been mapped at all. Here I have a list of games which I am going to map, all of which are currently planned and not started yet as I post this topic. Most of these games I'm going to map are for PC. For types such as consoles, I will do original drawing. I also plan to add to current mapped games and give a detailed version on some maps, such as some Legend of Zelda ones, which I have my eye on.

Alright, enough explaining my arts of mapping, here's the list ;D


Progress: 1 map finished
Map Count: 8
Type: Ripped
Method: Extracting sprites and rebuilding maps with tiling program, rather than screen-capping
Notes: Compilation will include unused parts of maps as a bonus (Different realities/layers not used in earlier levels)

Progress: 7 maps finished
Map Count: Unknown
Type: Ripped
Method: Using AdvanceMap - a Pokemon ROM hacking program - to take screenshots of maps including interiors, and gathering information to accompany the maps when submitting (The current Emerald maps do not have extras such as interiors, gyms, etc.)

RollerCoaster Tycoon (Ripped) MotM 17/05
Wonderland (Ripped)

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (Ripped) [PC]
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (Original) [Wii, 360, PS3, Wii U]
Wonderland Secret Worlds (Ripped) [PC]

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