Author Topic: Solar Winds 1 - The mapping saga continues!  (Read 8999 times)

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Solar Winds 1 - The mapping saga continues!
« on: October 16, 2011, 09:28:15 am »
Please consult the first post for previously discovered infos :).

Using a program called tSearch, I have located 12 Hex values that only change when the player's ship is in motion. This leads me to believe that these variables will aid in understanding how the map is laid out in the game Solar Winds (Part 1). These are my findings thus far..

Out of the twelve, these 4 values will stop updating while the player passes through -45,x moving left.

7C65C5D     716072340751908864
7C65C5F     1526449725098688512


7C65DED     716072546910339072
7C65DEF     1526449725101834240

- Values do not update once per pixel, but per few pixels
- Update occurs during -45,x
If each coord update is 56 pixels then it could be stalling at sector -45.28,x or halfway through that coordinate.

Conclusion thus far:

Without further tests, I can only speculate that each solar system is one gigantic layer that simply hides off-screen until you get close... Which would mean that every visitable place is located right next-door! (or at least the graphics)
If this theory holds true, then tomorrow I should have the total pixel area of each solar system :).

New Questions:
- Two coords are the x,y of the solar system and two are the x,y of the mini-map?
     - Does the ship move or is it the whole solar system!?
- Are the other 8 variables the coordinates of the zoomed-out map layers?
- Where's the address that controls the Outer Barrier?
- What's located at addresses 7C65C5E and 7C65DEE?

October 16, 10:00pm
It seems that the Hex addresses will only stay the same while the game is running. However if the game is closed and then restarted, these addresses will change and the process of discovery must be restarted. Bummer..
Though I did manage to mess up the stars a bit :D
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