Author Topic: Please report eBay sellers attempting to sell maps from  (Read 9537 times)

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A kind visitor has brought this auction to my attention.

It's apparently a CD with a whole bunch of stuff that doesn't seem that hard to find on the Internet...NES, Super NES, and Game Boy guides.  What is irksome about it is that it's stolen material, being sold without the owners' consent.

If you scroll down a bit, you can see that some of the material includes screenshot maps, some which look too much like the kind you'd find on  It's no coincidence or from other mappers - I recognize the border on the Mystical Ninja map, the format of the Super Mario World map, the text on the Metal Gear map, etc.

When people make maps for, it is assumed that it is for viewing purposes only and that no money would be made off of them.  (I make money off the site's ad revenue, not off the maps directly.)  When someone else steals their work and profits off of it, that's just wrong.  I don't want people to be afraid of contributing to because other people are trying to squeeze some bucks out of it that they don't deserve.

Perhaps I may have to write a new "Contribute" page at some point soon after all - outlining the expectations, purposes, and legal uses of the web site and its contents.  This auction is definitely not a proper use of my site and your maps that you worked so hard on.  It's hard to put a copyright on these things since the graphics are not yours in most cases, but original content that you put in and the assembly of them makes these maps unique, and it can't be right for someone to make money off of them without you knowing.

The person who brought this to my attention has said that he has reported it, hopefully it will be taken down soon.

EDIT: Oh, and this one too.

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RE: Please report eBay sellers attempting to sell maps from
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2006, 07:08:45 am »
He's making money off of Nintendo's copyrighted material without their permission.  Did he report this to eBay or Nintendo?  Nintendo usually protects their IP pretty heavily, so they should be informed as well.  (eBay might not even do anything.)