Author Topic: How good/horrible is Windows 8 for game emulation?  (Read 10823 times)

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How good/horrible is Windows 8 for game emulation?
« on: October 03, 2014, 09:11:30 pm »
A simple question seeing as I'm aiming to build myself a new computer and inevitably, the question of whether I stay conservative and go with Windows 7 (where hopefully most/all of my present software will still work perfectly) or be adventurous and give Windows 8.1 a try. Not that I need the absolute latest OS, but I have to move on from Vista eventually (and before anyone says it, no, Vista is *not* horrible and has always worked 99.99% flawlessly for me).

Unfortunately, there is no online listing anywhere to check up if every piece of software I'm currently using will be compatible with Windows 8. I'm especially worried that my various emulators won't work anymore (and the less said about Windows Compatibility Mode, the better, unless there's been a major overhaul on that front I'm not aware of). Fortunately, most people here *do* use emulators so hopefully I can get an idea on what to expect if I upgrade.

So, any comments regarding the following emulators running in Windows 8 would be appreciated:

-VBA ReRecording
-Gens with KMod
-Gens ReRecording
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