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Sonic 3 Competition Plus - my fangame
« on: January 27, 2019, 02:12:17 am »
There are 5 main zones (Azure Lake, Balloon Park, Chrome Gadget, Desert Palace, Endless Mine) from Sonic-3 competition levels, every zone include 3 acts. Act 1 is remake of original level with original bricks and objects, Act 2 is a linear level, too, but it may be required the use of all characters for passing of a level. Every level has a secret places, bonuses, traps and an easter eggs. Also, there are one big red-star ring on every level. Try to find it.
Act 3 is little linear level with boss-arena.

See the video!
<iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The full descriptions, gameplay, level maps and download link see on OpenSurge engine forum
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Re: Sonic 3 Competition Plus - my fungame
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2019, 05:48:44 am »
 What are your five best and worst Sonic games?
Please give me detail on each. Here are my 5:


5. Sonic the hedgehog: The first sonic game. The good old 2D games and alot of animation equals: Number 5

4. Sonic heroes: Sonics first debut with Sony. The game has a bunch of unique levels. Fun games and good story.

3. Sonic adventure 2: One word: Shadow!

2. Sonic and Knuckles: I can't really explain I just love this game.

1. Sonic CD: The best sonic Game ever? Right! Sonic R was before sonic 3 and it was awesome!With random 2D to 3D enviorments. Also featuring Metal sonic and amy. This game just rocked.

5 worst:

5. Sonic the hedgehog 06:
Let me remind you all. Sega said this was going to be sonics finest hour, His greatest game. Was this true? Ah... NO! This game just sucked. with a crappy camera angle, broken controls, bad voice acting, and sonic as retarded and slow as ever. Made this game not live up to his name.

4. Sonic 3D blast: All I can say is a bad 3D view and you can't tell whats going to happen because of it.

3. Sonic Shuffle: A horrible rip off, of mario party. With boring and extremely hard mini-games everything very choppy. and a bad story line this just sucked.

2. Sonic labyrinth: What is the problem with this game?: Speed and there isn't all you do is walk at 0.1 miles per hour collecting 3 keys in only 6 levels. And you know what is stupid at the end it says you went 102 or something like that, miles per hour. Stupid

1. Sonic R: The worst game in the history of all games! With level design that is enough to get a migraine. Choppy design and how easy it is to complete it (around 45 minutes) and the characters. This game can be absolute suck! the only good thing about this game: The tails doll curse.

Honorable mentions: Shadow the hedgehog, Tails sky patrol, sonic riders: zero gravity, sonic and the Secret rings.

What are your 5 best and worst?

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Re: Sonic 3 Competition Plus - my fungame
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2019, 03:03:31 pm »
I'm surprised you haven't mentioned Sonic Unleashed (2008) and Sonic And The Black Knight (2009).

I didn't play either of these, but I remember reading that people thought that having Sonic be a "werehog" (seems like an inaccurate term if you ask me, but whatever) in the first case and wielding a sword in a fantasy setting in the other, felt like Sonic Team was trying too hard to mix things up.

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Re: Sonic 3 Competition Plus - my fungame
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2019, 12:00:20 am »
Sonic the hedgehog 06:
I buy this game 5 years ago, but I never played it because I don't have PS3 (this game only for PS3/XBOX). However, there is a good fan project - a mod for Sonic Generations, with was created based on original STH-2006 files. Modders were able to adapt the STH-2006 levels for Sonic Generation engine with minor changes of a levels, required for single player.
I liked the game in such adaptation and I don't know why it has a such low ratings. May be this mode was created with a better quality than the original game?

Sonic And The Black Knight (2009)
I remember how I worked with this ISO-image, I was doing the translated of this game and at the same time looked what is this game. I didn't like this game, because (on my opinion) it's a not a Sonic's storyline. The levels are uninteresting and there no grabs gameplay, when it want to play more and more. In my opinion, it's a unsuccessful project.

Sonic be a "werehog"
Sonic the Werehog, all right