Author Topic: 2021-11-29: Forums fixed again, registration changed to prevent spambots  (Read 16223 times)

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Once again we have bustin98 to thank for helping out with the forums!

In the past few days, the forums were down.  It was a GoDaddy migration issue, with some bloated error log preventing the forums from making the jump.  With bustin98's help, and his great patience with dealing with their customer service (which I personally know has not been the greatest as of recently), they managed to locate the offending file and fixed it up, and reimported everything.  It looks like things were successful, and I don't think there are any missing topics or posts.  (Which is good, because we have been having a discussion recently which is coming along well.)

We've also added a way to (hopefully) prevent spambots.  Instead of a CAPTCHA, there is a question to answer upon registration.  It should be easy enough for a human, but not for an automated process to figure out.  I'll monitor the registrants over the next few days to see if it truly works.  It should mean less daily errors and so the error log won't grow insanely quick again.

So, enjoy the forums.  It should be a nicer and better place now.