Author Topic: a PNG-optimizing software "advancecomp"  (Read 10901 times)

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a PNG-optimizing software "advancecomp"
« on: May 25, 2007, 10:24:33 am »

As JonLeung recommended the "PNGGauntlet" that can shrink png's file size, I tried it. But the result was not so inspiring. I happened to find another PNG-optimizing freeware named "advancecomp". Its homepage is It can compress PNG smaller and cost less time than PNGGauntlet. Here are some comparisons between them (Both software use its max compressing level).

canvas size   color type   size   compressed   rate   time   tool

16128*8064   PNG-24      4065KB   3191KB      78%   26min   advancecomp

15456*10304   PNG-24      18740KB   16530KB      88%   32min   advancecomp

4608*4352   PNG-24      1874KB   1261KB      67%   4min   advancecomp

1376*3360   PNG-8      116KB   103KB      89%   4s   advancecomp

4608*4352   PNG-24      1874KB   1699KB      91%   170min   PNGGauntlet

1376*3360   PNG-8      116KB   104KB      90%   4min   PNGGauntlet

The shortage of advancecomp is that it only works in DOS mode.

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RE: a PNG-optimizing software "advancecomp"
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2007, 12:16:49 pm »
From my experience I managed 95% of the time to shrink the advpng compressed images even further with pngout. Otherwise I would have told you about the program but most of the time advpng only compressed 24Bit True Color pictures better than pngout so I didn't saw a point in it. But it compresses faster, that's true.

Are you sure about the results, sprays? Because my experience doesn't match your sayings.