Author Topic: Extremely useful trick for anyone on a Mac, using emulators by Richard Bannister  (Read 7372 times)

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Instead of saving a million separate screenshots to clog your desktop up, you can use the key combination Command-C to copy the screenshot to your clipboard! Paste into AppleWorks and repeat until you're done.

Just wanted to point that out since just about every Mac Application has the Command-C option, but it is very often mis/non-functioning. This trick saves a lot of time and brains.

In a nutshell; Instead of taking quick screenshots, push Command-C and paste to the image editor of choice.


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Indeed. You Windows guys must have it hard :-P

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It's just a matter of getting emu authors to code for it. I might see about adding it to Gens if I have time. Anyway, us Windows types have a natty Print Screen key on our keyboards that does much the same most of the time (except it copies things post-filtering).

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Aw, and I had such respect for you Revned, but it turns out you're just another of those snobish Mac zealots :P


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In Windows, Alt-Print Screen narrows the capture to the focused Window.  I rarely use the snapshot feature in Gens.