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Maps Of The Month / RE: 2009/04: Metroid Dread (DS) - JonLeung
« on: April 04, 2009, 07:05:56 pm »
That sounds both difficult and completely epic at the same time...

Maybe I could assist in the 2010 project. I've already got some ideas running through my head, and even though barely anyone here knows me, I've got great spriting skills.

(Also, I recognized that giant Alien-ant boss instantly as being from some ActRaiser game.)

Maps Of The Month / RE: 2009/04: Metroid Dread (DS) - JonLeung
« on: April 02, 2009, 05:00:19 pm »
JonLeung Said:

Thanks, guys, for your comments and the like.

Maybe I'll maintain interest in this by writing up a "Making Of Metroid Dread" thing which I could post in a few days, which will shed light on a few things, like the rundown of the process and maybe mentioning some of the things I really wanted to include.  I'll have to be sure to avoid being too lamentative (?) about nitpicky things that you wouldn't have noticed for fear of downplaying the effort, though.  I think I'll include some reduced-size animated .GIFs showing the creation of an area from start to finish - good thing I kept a lot of intermediary images.

I estimated 250-300 hours went into this over the last four months, nearly every day since the beginning of December.  So I am burnt out, but I should write about this undertaking before I forget it all in the midst of catching up on all the other stuff I meant to do during the past few months.  :P  So be on the look out for that.

And thanks again!


(I never did find the yearly "April Fool's Day on the web" listing on know, the one I wanted to get on but last year couldn't because didn't have an article at the time?  And now that it does have an article, I can't find the listing for this year or any year, for that matter?  Maybe they stopped doing them because they were a pain to maintain or something...

And then there's GoNintendo, who I wanted a mention on.  Last I checked yesterday, nothing.  I can't see GoNintendo at work this morning but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't bother.  Apparently for the second year in a row they give a multi-hundred-hour effort the cold shoulder.  Considering that every tiny thing they consider "news", like boxart for games no one cares about, and they do feature other fan creations that take a lot less work, it's quite the cold shoulder if they never mention it.  Though I will surely retract that statement if they had in fact mentioned it, as I said, I can't access GoNintendo at the moment since I'm at work...

Seriously, what does it take to get a mention?  Good thing I'm not doing this JUST for Wikipedia or GoNintendo, but it is a bit of a buzzkill if no one else thinks it's worth mentioning.  But here I go again...*sigh*)

Well, enjoy the maps.  :)

Wikipedia, apparently, deleted their individual April Fool's Day articles because they apparently weren't notable (surprise, surprise!). "Whats next, Christmas 2006?" Pah.

And even though these maps are fake, they're also really cool! Just like last year's Oracle of Hours maps, they're all completely "playable" from touchdown on Ilpstra 1 to Kaiser Ridley battle. A lot more effort probably went into these, though, seeing as this year was 24 bits higher in terms of graphics depth.

(And I caught "Ilpstra 1" as soon as I read it - it's an anagram of "April 1st". The more things change, the more they stay the same.)

Maps Of The Month / RE: 2009/04: Metroid Dread (DS) - JonLeung
« on: April 01, 2009, 06:29:15 am »
Oh yeah, this game. Let me tell you, the newest Metroid game is always the best, but it'll be _really_ hard to top this baby.

I just beat it today. Kaiser Ridley was a pain in the rear end to defeat.

I'm probably the only one who sees the "VGMAPS.COM" text that's all over the dungeon maps, aren't I.

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