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Hello, I just see the new Maps are up for "Knights of Xentar" by "Paco 98": I want to contribute a full World Map for this game here. It is a kxmap.gif. Found it in 1999 or 2000 on some "Chaz Dragon Knight Page". Not sure who created it, possibly "chaz". It has markings. So this can be add too. And Paco 98 can use it as reference for his unmarked Map he is creating now.
Trivia: The idea for the unaccesible Heart shaped pound on the game Map is mostly from the Toyoni-Lake in Erimo Japan Isle Hokkaido:
Also the wolrd map has some other strange symbolism on it. Here is the same Xentar Map I found back then, now on "":
I hope this encourage Paco 98 to made a proper PNG Map he is working on.

Hello, I finished the Stage 1-1 map. And for put up a promo Game Cube mini-cd ISO another Member of the "TCRF" Discord was very helpful to look at Rollergames. He made the gray colored mab with a tool he wrote for the "Game Maker Studio 2". Saddly he has not much free time now and was not willing to continue so the tool only is working on the first stage. He demanded that I try but I have no clue about coding and want to do some scans of Starfox prerelease material he is searching for. For him the coding would be a matter of some hours.
Here is his tool:
He, "Lady Laia" wrote:
"a very very basic Level data veiwer for the game Rollergames (U). it can only view the data for the first level.
its game maker studio soruse code so you need GMS2 to get it to work its very basic
"arrow keys = move,
E,R = change level offset,
Q,W = change level width,
A,S = change level hight,
P = save level as a PNG to appdata/NES_ROM_TILE (or whatever the project name is)
Here my map with his map included showing normally not accesible stage area (interessting! Imagine the "Junkyard, Jungle, Final stage" layout):
He also posted this pic:
This was achived by change the memory adress "...a buggy debug sort of mode is acsesable if you change adress 0x80 to any number below 80 (cant take damige fly over pits timer stops bosses and cutscenes stop working) (that ram adress it todo with player state, anything above 80 is game over)"
Who knows how to enable what cheat (Game Genie or Action Replay Pro) to be able to move out of borders? Who can help me out with this as I can not use "Game Maker Studio" I also would like to data mine for hidden content in the ROM.

Hello, one more info i want to add. If Someone has the knowledge to check the game ROMs properly i want to point you to this discovery:
From the Game Box Back (early Junkyard stage+some Jungle stage maybe) and for comparsion from final game, Junkyard stage.

And same Pic, other Version from the "Video Games & Computer Entertainment - October 1990 - Page 2" Advertisement, shows some Pixels more to the left and top but badder Quality:

Read more about here:
Is something left in the Game from the previous design? Any Konami employee reading here, has more Info/Pictures of the Beta? Who can find out?

Map Requests / Re: Mission Impossible for NES
« on: July 08, 2018, 04:05:07 AM »
Thank you, the final Map´s turned out well. It is good to have an overview of a full stage. Nice to see how the game Designer´s imaginied they have to look.
A cutscene Pic (or more) is missing by the way, the one with the Submarine. Do not remember now.

Hello, i noticed not all pictures showing up but they are there. Go to the Japo source Sites to see them. I tried to map Stage 1 but did not get very far. Especialy the light fade in chalange me.
You can use all my experimental map´s for creating a Map.

And, anyone interested to map this game? It has something interessting to find out about its map´s seem to overlap on the borders, like the "Gremlins 2" stage 3-2. In mid  "Rollergames" Stage 1-1 on the upper-left, where your path turns right coming from down, you can see parts of Stage 1-2 (street) in Stage 1-1 with then swaps the colour palette in Stage 1-2.
The Levels seem to be cut to parts, for better memory performance i think.
Here is what i try so far:
You can see the Part from 2-2 on top left at the right part of this pic.
It would be good to create the complete Stage 1 (with 1-1 and 1-2 laying one to other at this Part from 2-2 that we can see a little in 1-1).
And adding the Intro and Cutscenes to each map would be god because this was one of the highlights of the game to get to see them, back in 1991/92 if i remember right :D.
EDIT 2018.07.14; I noticed that the Gutter glimpse we see on the top left in Stage 1-1 is not from Stage 1-2 (i wrote 2-2 before, my error), but is is from the second half of 1-1.
The Stage seems to be cut in two parts at the Battle screen in the middle where the enemy come out of the door. Here the scrolling is stoping for the fight. And when done it is like you are teleported above the Stage start point to go on in the second half in 1-1. Putting the Map together as usual for VG-Maps and then another version cut in half and overlapping at the described Gutter Point (also some Houses and Rooftops will fit) will show us where the second start in the 1-1 is acurately located.

Nice Game, got it by coincidence at a Fleahmarket in 2002, with other games for cheap. I like the Background effects in Stage 2 (zig-zag moving of the Night City Skyline mirrowing in the Water). Also nice music and graphics Detail. There are local differences in the Japo an Western Versions. Never heard or read of it bevore then.

Map Requests / Re: Mission Impossible for NES
« on: November 21, 2017, 02:13:16 PM »
Yes, this is not mapped yet. And it is not easy. I always made it to the Water Boat Level. Maybe to the Snow Level for a few Times. There was a Cutscene with a Airplane if i remember right. Can you add also the Intro, Cutscenes, Briefing to the Levels? And the different Titlescreens Ultra/Palcom. End Sequence too.

Hello, I reactivated my Account after some 3 Years of no action.
I would like to see some Maps from the Nes Parodius from Konami.
There are even 4 Secret Bonus Stages:
Stage 1 Alternate Course in the Clouds (Quick destroy the ceiling at the big Backgroundship and fly in)

Stage 3 Alternate Course - Graveyard (Quick destroy the Pillar at the Rollercoaster and fly in)

Stage 5 Alternate Course - Inside Moaiship (Fly into the Mouth)

Stage 6 Alternate Course - Japan Volcano Stage (Destroy the last Lower Ice Block before the Boss, fly in a blinking stars)

Got the Info from here (the first two Secret Stages I know from playing back in 1992 already):
And more Pictures from here:
Here is a YouTube Video by a German showing it too:
Some game differences exist:
This Game is Auto-Scrolling, so it is not so easy to Map.
Who can Rip this for Us?
It would be nice to add some Graphics (Game Sprites/Ending) too.
Action Replay Pro:
0064D00F Never ending Shield
Europan Version
Invincibility   ZGKEAPPE OAKEPPEA   This code is almost certain to crash the game in the middle of a boss battle, even if you turn it off before getting to that battle
Always Have Bomb 00007B 01 ( by Ugetab)
Full Power-Up
Pause gameplay and press Up twice, Down twice, Left twice, Right twice, A once, B once, A once, and B once for a full power-up.

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