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Map Requests / RE: Rayman original
« on: July 21, 2009, 09:28:07 am »
Playstation 1

Thanks Will. You are the man! Kid Kool is more like Psycho Fox than Super Mario in its stage designs.

This game came out in early 1990 for the NES. As far as I know no one has made a map of any of the levels. There is 21 in all. Seven worlds or regions with 3 levels in each one, just like in Super Mario 2.


Does anyone have this game and is willing to put the time into it?


Has anyone ever heard of a really obscure Super Mario/Sonic rip-off called Kid Kool (and the quest for the 7 wonder herbs) by Vic Tokai? It was the spiritual predecessor for DeCap Attack, Magical Hat - a Turban Adventure and Psycho Fox. Has anyone started ripping maps for that game from an NES ROM?

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