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I got the 100th post!

The Clock Tower is shaping up very well.  I too would like to see what progress has been made.

We probably would not want to switch inside a dungeon - too complicated.  I imagine that the day/night switcher would work kind of like the harp on OoA.  Also, I like the idea of leaving a level, switching the time of day, and coming back.  Just some miscellaneous thoughts.

Map Gab / RE: Virtual Boy Wario Land (VB)
« on: January 27, 2007, 11:32:02 am »
Nice Wario Land VB maps Terra.  And you said it was IMPOSSIBLE...  :P

I am looking forward to seeing some more - I have never played that game.

Here's another OoA speedrun.  This person is in the process of doing a more complete one.  It is posted in multiple segments:

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

Segment 4:

There may be more to come soon.  (Hopefully...)

^Hopefully this is what you are looking for.

OOA Speedrun on YouTube:

Message Board Help / RE: System Notification Messages?
« on: January 23, 2007, 06:53:35 am »

Maps Of The Month / RE: 2007/01: Donkey Kong (Game Boy) - Captain Drake
« on: January 18, 2007, 07:25:57 am »
A complete set Mario Vs. DK maps has just been completed by Peardian.  MVsDK is basically just Donkey Kong GB 2 - same general idea.

Map Gab / RE: Mega Man 8 (PSX)
« on: January 15, 2007, 01:55:01 pm »
Nice!  As soon as I am able to edit posts, I will update my list to include these.  Glad to see some progress made.

Be prepared for me to cover a lot of ground in one post.

The side-quests idea was just to give an example.  I knew that they wouldn't be easy to map, but is was an idea.  Maybe strategy elements would be more appropriate.  Or, better yet, maybe there should be lots of geographical challenges/hazards that need to be overcome.  That would be very visible in a map.

Yes, the Maku Trees are different in the games.

I would like to help with the graphics, but I have no spriting skills whatsoever (or basic art skills for that matter).  Furthermore, I definitely would not have the time to do so even if I had the skills.

I will be glad to contribute ideas, but I am afraid that that is about all I will be able to do.  I know that you need help with maps/graphics, but I have very little skills to offer other than helping with the planning.

Another little observation - notice the pattern in the following data:

Prototype Name - Gameplay Type

Seed of Wisdom - Puzzle-based gameplay

Seed of Power - Action-based gameplay

Seed of Courage - ??? gameplay

I would think that the maps should at least slightly reflect some gameplay style.  I can't really think of a type of game where you would need courage, but I am sure that we could/should come up with something courage-related.  (Maybe strategy or side-quests?)

Just a thought.

Triple post in the name of not being able to edit messages!

Burning Flame is already used as an Essence of Time.  I should've checked before I posted.  For the record, here are the other essences:

Essences of Time:

1. Eternal Spirit

2. Ancient Wood

3. Echoing Howl

4. Burning Flame

5. Sacred Soil

6. Bereft Peak

7. Rolling Sea

8. Falling Star

Essences of Nature:

1. Fertile Soil

2. Gift of Time

3. Bright Sun

4. Soothing Rain

5. Nurturing Warmth

6. Blowing Wind

7. Seed of Life

8. Changing Seasons

For the other Essence of Light, how about Fading Sunset?

Double post!  For I bear with me the Essences of Light:

1. Silver Moonbeam

2. Vivid Spectrum

3. Radiant Daybreak

4. Burning Flame

5. Shining Reflection

6. Warm Sunshine

7. Frozen Aurora

8. Glowing Prism

What do you think?  The story could be that the Maku Tree is wilting because it is trapped in darkness.  The Essences of Light could be used to revive it.

Feel free to make better suggestions.

There you go!  Use nocturnal Zelda enemies.  That would be much better.  

Actually, I would think that the Clock Tower would be OK as long as there aren't any Castlevania-looking enemies in it.

The ice in the level could be like the morning frost/dew.  That would be more day-themed than season-themed.

RT 55J Said:
The Clock Tower sounds like a rip off of Castlevania tbqh.

The first dungeon could be a Ice dungeon. The water would freeze during the night and melt during the day. Most of the water would be shallow, but Roc's Feather could be used to jump across some of the deep parts.


Dot? Dot. Dot!

I agree.  Vampires don't sound very Zelda-ish to me.  I think that the clock theme would be believable, but it would definitely seem like a Castlevania rip-off if you combined vampires AND a clock tower.

The ice level idea sounds good.

Maps In Progress / RE: Zeric's Current Mapping Projects
« on: January 08, 2007, 08:33:47 am »
Awesome!  Please keep it up!  

By the way, have you made any progress on the Wily Tower 1 background?  I was looking at it the other day, and I may have found a solution to the problem.  At the end of the level there is a long, straight section that only has only one platform that sits low on the screen.  This area is at the lowest point  in the level, so I would imagine that you would be able to get most of the lower section of the background there.  Also, in order to get the part of the background that is covered by the platform, in the next few screens there are holes in the foreground wall.  I think that they are the same height as the aforementioned platform.  Using this setup, I would think that you could piece together the lower part of the background.

Good luck with the rest of the maps.  I will be looking forward to seeing them.

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