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Interesting...  You will notice that Mr. Iwata is the store clerk.

JonLeung said:

(I guess the confusion arises by saying "day and night", where "day" alone can also mean a full cycle that includes the night. You know, like City Mouse/Country Mouse...when cities are in countries, etc. >_<)

True, but the same ambiguity exists for "age" and "season".  The word "age" can be used to refer to how old something is (the person's age is...) or a time period (the Bronze Age).  Likewise, "season" can mean a period of time (football season) or a three month period that exhibits similar weather conditions (the season of winter).  So, if the issue is that "day" can mean daytime (the sun comes out during the day) and also mean a 24 hour span that includes daytime and nighttime (the event will happen in a couple of days), then that ambiguity is nothing new.

The thing about the name of the games is that the words are given in the plural.  This reduces the confusion a little.  There is no way that that the age of an object can be pluralized (the person?s ages are?), and, when referring to a season, usually it is not understood as multiple events (football seasons).  By the same token, there cannot be two consecutive daytimes (the sun comes out during the days).

Bottom line - I would not worry about the dual meaning of the word ?day? because the same issue exists with the other games.

OK, so I have done some more thinking about the name.  I have just about worn out my thesaurus trying to find a word that is synonymous with hours and sounds more like the other names.  Here are the synonyms of "time" from

age, allotment, bit, bout, chronology, clock, continuance, date, day, duration, epoch, era, eternity, extent, future, generation, go*, hour, infinity, instance, instant, interval, juncture, lastingness, life, life span, lifetime, moment, month, occasion, pace, past, point, present, season, second, shift, space, span, spell, stage, stint, stretch, tempo, term, ticks, tide, tour, trick, turn, week, while, year

I figure that I will post these to see if they provoke any ideas.  As you can see, hours, moments, and days are listed.  Also listed are age and season, so I would think that this is the right place to look.

Now, I was doing some more logical thinking to try and find the pattern in Ages/Seasons, and I may have at least narrowed it down a little.  Here is the scenarios that occur in the other games:


-Link travels between the past and present.

-This travel would span years.

-A collection of years can be called an age.


-Link travels between the different seasons.  (This usage of seasons is weather related.)

-This travel would span months.

-A collection of months can be called a season. (This usage of season refers to a time period.)

Using this format and the thesaurus entry, there is only one entry that will make sense:

-Link travels between day and night.

-This travel would span hours.

-A collection of hours can be called a day.

Yes, that's right, Oracle of Days.  I know that I have kicking around quite a few candidates, but this one makes the most sense when some thought is put forth.  

What do you guys think?  I think that it sounds more like the other games than "hours" does.

Map Requests / RE: Mega Man Maps
« on: December 23, 2006, 06:56:23 pm »
^ That is the case, but the changes are not very significant.  Sting Chameleon's stage just gets two holes filled with water, the electricity gets turned off in Spark Mandrill's stage, and the lava freezes in Flame Mammoth's stage.  I wouldn't think that those minor changes would be a reason to make separate maps.

Map Requests / RE: Mega Man Maps
« on: December 21, 2006, 04:33:14 pm »
JonLeung Said:

Aside from the bosses in Mega Man 8, Pirate Man (from Mega Man & Bass) I believe is the only Robot Master whose stage isn't mapped...

Correct.  Aside from the MM8 bosses, Pirate Man is the last Robot Master to be mapped for the "main stream" classic games.  Furthermore, if Zeric finishes the MM8 maps, then Pirate Man and King Level 1 (which is a very short level) will be the only levels left for the main stream games.

JonLeung said:

marioman says he doesn't have the skills to contribute (though when I get around to the projects page I should at least mention that he suggested the name, if we do decide to stick with Oracle Of Hours, that is)

No credit needed.  You guys are the ones doing all of the work.

I have been thinking about the name.  The other oracle games had more rustic-sounding names.  I mean, they could have just called them Oracle of  Years, Oracle of Months, etc.  Instead, they used Ages, Seasons, etc.  If we could find something more rustic, I think that it would be more realistic.  I am thinking about something like Oracle of Moments or something like that.  This may just be too picky, but it we can come up with something better, then let's by all means use it.

I like the idea.  Although I have no skills to contribute toward it.  The only recommendation that I have is that it probably shouldn't be too much like Boktai.  IMO, a day/night oracle game should resemble the others more than it does Boktai/Castlevania.  Good luck.

About the name of the third Oracle game, I would suggest something like:

- Oracle of Time

- Oracle of Days

- Oracle of Hours

- Oracle of Risings

- Oracle of Dawning

Personally, I think that Nintendo would've went with time or days, but that is for you guys to decide.  

Also, keep in mind that Farore is called the Oracle of Secrets in the other Oracle games.  Also, as stated by the development name of the game, she is associated with the Triforce of Courage.  This information may help you came up with something better.

I kind of wish that this game would have been released.  I think that the overworld map would have been neat.  I liked the way that the games went from traveling across large time periods, as in Ages, to traveling across smaller time periods, as in Seasons.  The thing that would have made the series PERFECT would have been a day/night game.

Map Gab / RE: Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Split Screen Maps (Genesis)
« on: December 08, 2006, 11:35:31 am »
Nice maps.  I have seen some Sonic maps elsewhere on the Internet, but they weren't very high quality.  It is good to see some better ones surfacing.  Keep it up!

By the way, is this the type of game that you could rip using a script?  (Like you did with Kid Chameleon.)  It would be AWESOME if you could rip it using a simple method like that.

Map Requests / RE: Mega Man Maps
« on: December 02, 2006, 01:40:39 pm »
The new enemy/object placement scheme sounds good - it will keep the maps from appearing cluttered.

I agree with Terra.  The background doesn't have to be perfect.

As a matter of fact, I would doubt that parallax backgrounds could ever be ripped perfectly.  For example, take the recurring clock tower on the Castlevania games.  There is no possible way to have the tower facing the "correct" direction because it is constantly rotating as the player moves.  Some compromise must be made to compensate for this

It is good to see some progress made.  Good luck with the rest.


Thanks to whoever took out the stray tags out of my last post.  Crazy BB code. :)  

Man, 30 EXP before a person can edit their own posts?  At that rate, it may take me a while before I can update the list.

Map Requests / RE: Mega Man Maps
« on: November 27, 2006, 11:20:12 am »
Update 11/27/06:

I have talked to Zeric, and he says that he has only three maps left for Mega Man 8!  He just has the first three Wily levels left to do.  I am hoping that he will put up the maps that he has done so far, but that is entirely up to him.

Since I still can't edit posts anymore, so just disregard the note on the list about contacting Zeric.  I will update that note as soon as I possibly can.

Maps In Progress / RE: Zeric's Current Mapping Projects
« on: November 20, 2006, 11:28:50 am »
Yeah, I am in favor of allowing new users to be able to edit posts.  Hopefully Bustin will fix it soon.  I need to make a few modifications to my Mega Man list.

VGMaps Social Board / RE: Board Issues
« on: November 03, 2006, 05:23:21 am »
>> 1. Certain abilities are given to users as they gain in levels in order to intice you to keep posting. Editing posts is one of them. Level 18 is the threshold for most.  <<

That's strange...  I had been able to edit my posts in the past.  Did the rules change?

Also, I would think that you would want to grant the ability to edit posts to everyone.  This prevents people from double-posting.  I have been updating my list of Mega Man games to be mapped, and I would not like to have to spam that topic every time I have something to add.  (I could rather do that or spam on the other topics until I get to where I can edit posts.  But, no, I am too nice.)

Anyway, there is my two cents worth.  I would think that you would WANT people to be able to edit their posts in order to reduce double-posting.

VGMaps Social Board / Board Issues
« on: November 02, 2006, 03:51:28 pm »
There are a few things that I would like to point out:

1.  Currently there is no way to edit posts.  If I try to edit a post, it says that I am not authorized to do so.  I have edited posts in the past, so I know that I should be able to.

2.  The search feature does not work.  If I try to search, I get a SQL error.

3.  If I am not logged in, I cannot see the "Other Boards" section on the board index.  I can see the "Main Boards", "Site Boards", and "Recent Posts", but I cannot see the "Other Boards".

Just to let you guys know...

VGMaps Social Board / RE: Font size
« on: November 02, 2006, 03:42:39 pm »
Revned Said:
If it's default, then why is it bigger than the text on every other website? Every time I visit the index pages I have to manually tell my browser to make it smaller. You know, you can adjust things without having to do tags for each and every cell. A simple CSS file can set the text style for every page on your site without bloating the files at all. As it is now, it looks pretty bad to me.

Agreed.  I think that it is a little large.  A text size change would be nice.

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