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The extra pixels on Revned's pic have me quite spooked . . . maybe we need to go check what it looks like in the actual game?

Guys I also just found this which might explain some things library example.png

It looks like I actually cut off quite a bit from the top left, and you can see where I took the screen that sort of decided how tall I made the one section.  You can also see that there were some gaps at the bottom corners of this section.  

Rev - you scared me man when I thought the library was messed up.  But I knew it just couldn't be because I had lined up the rooms based on how they ACTAULLY connect (whether it fit to a grid or not).  I think you guys have also figured out by now where I filled in a lot of space in the middle.  

It's weird tho that the save room and the bottom of the shaft aren't tall enough - still - it just goes to show you to be careful. Obviously you couldn't just line up the bottoms or the platforms wouldn't have matched.

I'm leery of mapping too many individual rooms and plopping them on the map.  The much bigger obstacle than backgrounds or mismatched candles is how it will all fit together.  I wonder if there's rooms like boss arenas that aren't really going to adhere to the grid?  wileee - we should check the alchemy lab in particular . . .wasn't that all messed up at the time?

As nice as finished rooms look, I would almost propose roughing things out more.  It's a heck of a lot quicker to assemble a few rooms with all the sprites and ugliness then it is to polish it up.  (We're talking minutes vs hours from my experience).  Then we'd be able to look at possible size variations and connectivity a lot earlier before we spend time polishing.  I would also suggest working on adjacent rooms and connecting them rather than jumping around all over the place.  (I'm just brainstorming here . . .not trying to run things)  Oh last suggestion which is probably obvious to everyone but I'll just say it .. let's concentrate on the first castle first.  Hopefully that will make the 2nd go very quickly (I'm picturing just being able to take screenshots and overlay them on the inverted original, with a lot less thought/concern about room alignment etc.)

One thing I do know . .. I'm getting excited about this again . . the truth is I never really wanted to do it by myself and get all the honor and glory . . I really just want to see the map.

Guys - I posted a couple things in the directory at http:/

Look at my Open GL settings (altho this was from a while ago - not sure if it matches the current driver).  Also "stairs fix" was one of our (me and wileee) attempts to deal with the vertical issue.  Finally, there's a file with the map progress there - it's huge dimension-wise but not kb wise.  

Not to discourage you or toot my own horn but there's a TON of work in that complete library file that you might not be seeing.   Not only the scrolling backgrounds, but I had to fill in a lot of space to make the large areas look better.  

All I'm saying is Good Luck (you're right tho that there's lots of rooms with no scrolling at all that will be very easy).  

Map Gab / RE: Castlevania: Harmony Of Dissonance (GBA)
« on: August 30, 2006, 01:55:38 pm »
Hey Rev - yeah I suppose 3 years later I really oughta be getting those full res maps out eh?

Quick other note to Terra - my memory might be playing tricks on me - the only other emu I used for SotN was AdriPSX - and I know ONE of them was dumping screens so maybe it was that rather than ePSXe?

Map Gab / RE: Castlevania: Harmony Of Dissonance (GBA)
« on: August 30, 2006, 01:47:12 pm »
It's been a while - good to see you guys are still making maps.  Terra, sounds like you're getting the same rep as me - starting too many projects.  

Sadly, I haven't worked on the SotN maps in a long, long time (over 2 years by the looks of it).  Everything I did is in the directory at

Sorry for the www's on the images - this was during my sensitive time after Andrew Mills completely ripped off my MZM maps.  I know I have clean copies somewhere . . .

I got frustrated with the project because of 2 things: 1) no layer management in ePSXe (yes, Terra - that's what I used) and 2) the rooms just didn't line up.  I felt like the full map would be virtually impossible.  

Sorry to go off topic, but over the years I have also made but not released:

95% complete Minish Cap overworld map

95% complete Oracle of Ages/Seasons maps (they

had been done I think but these were dear to me)

Several unfinished Lego Star Wars (GBA) maps.  Those were actually kinda fun due to the amount of original pixel work wileee and I were doing (but this is also why they were never finished).  

There's others I'm sure.  I'm digging Revned's  idea  that we tackle SotN as a group.  I'm not sure how much progress I'd make personally, but I'd certainly donate what I have.  I believe that's probably the only way it would ever reach completion.

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