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Re: Generation V Pokémon Maps
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Well, that's too bad, but I guess it's not worth it to struggle with something for too long when your effort and time can be put elsewhere more productive.

What I would like to see, if anyone still has a Pokémon mapping vibe, is to see more "useful" Pokémon maps besides just knowing the layout of areas.  Obvious things for any RPG would be to put together maps of the same area together in a single image, and to label the contents of treasure chests (or in this case, item balls).  For Pokémon games specifically it should be a given to mention on the maps what Pokémon are available in the area and their rarity.  It's actually surprising to me that we don't have maps like that.  There are great resources of Pokémon information out there like to help anyone complete such details.

I would suggest the GBA games/third generation, Ruby and Sapphire (and I guess that would mostly include Emerald), since the remakes, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are coming out this autumn for the 3DS and so there would be more interest in them.
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Re: Generation V Pokémon Maps
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You should get on Starfighter to post the rest of his stuff here then.  It's not that he doesn't want it here he's just lazy about moving it around, you have to go to him.  That's how it was at my site, and I think a lot of his stuff on GameFaqs is missing here.
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