Author Topic: "Effective Budoken" vs. "Tatsu maki sen puu kyaku"  (Read 8867 times)

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"Effective Budoken" vs. "Tatsu maki sen puu kyaku"
« on: March 09, 2009, 08:45:19 pm »
When Ryu/Ken/etc. do their jumping spinning kick, that I've always totally heard "Effective Budoken!"  (This also fits in well with their "Hado(u)ken!" and "Shoryuken!")  (Also, Budokan is a type of Karate and the name of a marital arts arena, though not what Ryu and Ken practice.)

Now I've also known for years that it's actually supposed to be "Tatsu maki sen puu kyaku".  Except that I could never hear it during gameplay.

GamesRadar has a number of interesting articles about Street Fighter because of the recent release of Street Fighter IV (I liked the Dan article, extremely intriguing), and they had one about the sounds of Street Fighter.  And thus, I was able to hear it many times in a row from different games.

I think I can kind of hear "Tatsu maki sen puu kyaku" in Street Fighter III.  Too many syllables thrust at you before you really hear it, especially in the early games when the fidelity isn't there; maybe that's the problem.  Even when I think I hear it when rewatching the Street Fighter III portion, it's hard to catch the "Tatsu maki".

I would just like some confirmation that I'm not the only one in the world who ever heard (and still hears) "Effective Budoken!"
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