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 on: October 06, 2017, 07:16:39 AM 
Started by Tropylium - Last post by JonLeung
I'm interested, HOWEVER I feel there should be some level of "official"-ness to the maps - i.e. maps from the instruction manual would count, but I don't know about the cities that appear in published reviews of the game, as those are done by someone else, and then where is the line drawn?

Construction games can come up with nearly countless combinations, so I feel there has to be value to these maps.  I don't want to open up a can of worms and then feel obligated to put up maps of the literally millions of Super Mario Maker stages made by any of its users, for instance.

In any case, the maps would have to be named logically or perhaps have a blurb on the image itself explaining what it is, if it isn't obvious just by looking at it.

 on: October 06, 2017, 04:01:15 AM 
Started by Steve128 - Last post by Steve128

i am looking for maps from "Batman Forever" the Video Game (not the Arcade Game). Can somebody help me? Or make some maps for the game?
It came out for Super Nintendo or PC or Sega no matter.
Because the Levelmaps must be nearly the same.

I have look in some magazines of year 95 and 96. There I have found some maps, but only
the first or the second level. And the quality is very bad.......
There is a Official Player´s Guide for the game from Corey Sandler 1995/1996.
But in this book are no Level Maps.

Please can somebody make some maps? I would be to show appreciatively.

You can write me also private.

Thank you very much!!!
Greetings from Germany!


 on: October 05, 2017, 09:23:41 AM 
Started by Tropylium - Last post by Tropylium
Hello all; longtime reader, first-time poster. Here is a little project I'd like to pitch.

VGMaps already has the in-game scenarios from SimCity… however, this is a construction game. So in principle, cities showing up in e.g. the game instruction booklet and promo material are mappable as well, even if they have to be reconstructed by hand from the printed screenshots.

Some possible cities of interest, in what might be descending order of relevance:
  • The finished practice mode Metropolis and full game Megalopolis examples (printed quite small but just barely legible);
  • The six "inspiration" maps on alternative strategies to city building;
    (Green Junction, Fun City, Redmond, Patchwork City, Round Butte, Dr. Wright)
  • Wrighton, "Dr. Wright's" megalopolis surveyed in some detail in the last chapter;
  • The demo maps on problems in city design (10 altogether, all include at least before / after pictures);
    (Pineaway, Pigiron, Doodle, Tower, Gearhead, Portly, Lonestar, Goldrush, Hoocares, Planless)
  • Any number of cities that show up in promotional material, such as this (I know at least two of these make a brief reappearence in the instruction booklet);
  • The demo city constructed phase by phase in the instruction booklet (with dozens of construction screenshots);
  • Some other instruction booklet illustrative screenshots;
  • Any number of cities that show up in published reviews of the game.
All but the first would be incomplete maps, though in many cases multiple screenshots can be joined together (e.g. Wrighton is covered by six maps in the booklet, which fit together as 2 connected clusters).

I have maps transcribed in shorthand for a few of these already, but before I start assembling detailed versions, I'd like to know if there is any interest in them, be it here on VGMaps or in general.

 on: October 03, 2017, 07:54:59 AM 
Started by KingKuros - Last post by JonLeung
A good discussion about the riddles:


And some of the solutions:

4. BINARY digits = "0" and "1" / BEGINNING (first letter) of SILENT = "S" / TERMINATION (last letter) of QUIET = "T"
= "S01T"
= "soit"

5. DUTCH of ONE = "EEN" / ROYALTY = "QUEEN" / ME = "I"
= "QUEEN - EEN + I"
= "qui"

6. roman numeral of A THOUSAND = "M" / EVERYTHING = "ALL" / roman numeral of FIFTY = "L"
= "M + ALL - L"
= "mal"

I didn't see solutions for how the first three are intended to be solved as "honi", "y" and "pense", but that all together becomes
Honi soit qui mal y pense
which is explained on Wikipedia as an Anglo-Norman maxim that means,
"May he be shamed who thinks badly of it".

This is the motto of The Order of the Garter.

Now I've regurgitated what was on that Lemon 64 page and no closer, but I'm curious as to how the first three are solved.

 on: October 02, 2017, 09:23:40 PM 
Started by JonLeung - Last post by JonLeung

Ha ha, in the original post I said there would be a video about this "in a few weeks".  More like, nearly five months.  Tongue

I've been YouTubing for a year now, and yet this is my first video dedicated to  Here we go, my picks for the best 15 map sets on VGMaps!

EDIT: And apologies for those whose maps didn't make the cut, as it were, since I kept it to 15.  Hard decisions were made.  You probably never expected a video recognition in the first place though, but in any case I'm sure I will have other opportunities to talk about other maps in future videos, to further tie the VGMaps and JonLeung1@YouTube brands together.

 on: October 02, 2017, 09:22:25 PM 
Started by JonLeung - Last post by JonLeung

I've been YouTubing for a year now, and yet this is my first video dedicated to  Here we go, my picks for the best 15 map sets on VGMaps!

 on: September 30, 2017, 08:58:57 PM 
Started by JonLeung - Last post by JonLeung

For this month's "Maps Of The Month" featurette, I wish to draw your attention to RyuMaster's Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Game Boy) maps.

Super Mario takes on a variety of Zones in his last big adventure on the first Nintendo portable, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, in search for, well, six golden coins.  These will unlock the door to Mario's castle which has been taken over by the evil Wario. Can Mario reclaim Mario Land?

This game is a decent Game Boy adventure, if a little strange.  The setting and the enemies are definitely cartoony, but not quite like in other Mario games.  For example, the Pumpkin Zone has... hockey-masked creatures with a knife in their head?  Even if they are just Goombas dressed for Halloween in this Jack O'Lantern-styled zone, it does seem a little strange - a Mario game is the last place you'd expect to see a Friday The 13th reference.  And when has Mario ever lived in his own castle?

Mario's ownership extends past his castle, as before Wario took this over, this was all "Mario Land".  It includes the Mario Zone, which is a giant mechanical Mario (for some reason).  The other Zones include the Tree Zone, the Space Zone, the Macro Zone, the Pumpkin Zone, and the Turtle Zone, which RyuMaster, master of Game Boy maps, has dissected for us!  This portable odyssey of Super Mario's is immortalized here on VGMaps so it can't be forgotten.  This interesting take on Mario does have one lasting thing, though - it introduced the Mario's rival, the greedy Wario!

So for mapping this Super Mario oddity, RyuMaster's Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Game Boy) maps will be known as's Maps Of The Month for October 2017.

 on: September 29, 2017, 11:20:01 AM 
Started by JonLeung - Last post by JonLeung
Some more love from Kotaku:
Kotaku - Here Are Some Isometric Ocarina Of Time Maps

This was posted yesterday evening - funnily enough, my next YouTube video on the "JonLeung1" channel is finally specifically about VGMaps, and the writer of that Kotaku post, Luke Plunkett, chose almost exactly the ones I initially chose to be in the video when I was editing it, also yesterday evening (though I have since changed the selections).  Look forward to that video either tonight or this weekend.

Of all the promotion I do of this web site, that fact that we have almost 40,000 maps seems to pale in comparison to the simple fact that we have Ocarina Of Time maps, which continue to bring in viewers in droves.  Thanks again, Peardian!

 on: September 22, 2017, 07:35:00 AM 
Started by FilipeTales - Last post by JonLeung
Is this a submission?  Do you want me to put these up?

Also, are those white spots areas you can't reach?  You should be able to patch up those areas from other parts of the image, and/or if you're using VisualBoyAdvance I recall there's a "Map Viewer" function that can help you see beyond the edges of what is normally visible when playing.

 on: September 21, 2017, 07:11:16 AM 
Started by GHS - Last post by GHS
It seems that G2 has 103 unique levels and these levels are fliped or rotated in 4 directions for a total of 412 different levels. So if the game gose up to 999 then all levels are repeated 2x and some 3x.
the same gose for the treasure rooms and secret rooms.
I will only do the 103 unique rooms ( I will not do the othe 3 rotated ones) as well as the treasure rooms and secret rooms.

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