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Software I'm looking for
« on: October 13, 2006, 07:30:32 pm »
Are there any freeware programs that do these things?

1. Sound ripper

Much like how the PrintScreen key or a built-in function of most image programs do screen captures from anything, I was wondering if there's something that can easily rip sound and music.  I suppose I could reroute a computer's speaker output into some kind of recording device, but I'd like a software-only solution.

2. Image database using keywords

I've asked for this before...I'd like some way to mark keywords to image files, and then be able to filter them to find what I need.  If I have a photo of myself and a friend, I should be able to find it doing a search for myself or my friend or both.  While CompuPic has "Categories" and allows an image to fall under multiple categories, there isn't a way to filter them (such as somehow finding an image that has this AND that keyword, not just this OR that keyword).

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RE: Software I'm looking for
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2006, 07:40:00 pm »
I had one like #1 for Macs, but they made it shareware. It was really awesome. That's what I used to record your radio interview. It was called "Wiretap". You might search around on Google for Windows equivalents. I know my cousin was looking for one awhile back....

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RE: Software I'm looking for
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2006, 07:44:15 pm »
1.  Have you checked your mixer to see what options your sound card presents?  Most cards let you record what's being played by simply selecting "Wave" or "Stereo Mixer" in the recording options under Window's mixer.

2.  Sorry, I can't help you there.  I have a category based gallery on my main website, but it was written from scratch and pretty much hard coded to my needs.

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RE: Software I'm looking for
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2006, 09:15:28 pm »
I don't know about those particular programs, but you could try ... it's like except it doesn't suck.