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MAME32 Plus! 0.111 seems to work okay. Simply press F4 when you're in the scene/level/place you want to map, then press Enter once to get the sprites and twice so you get the TMAP screen. buy phen375 Then you toggle through the sprite pieces/backgrounds with the square bracket keys. In some screens it takes a bit of searching the the larger resolutions. Sadly sprites are required to be pieced together, which I find far more complicated than simply taking every screenshot with F12, but you can get direct rips of fonts in the spritesheet. This technique does not work for every game such as Data East's and SNK's arcade games. The mapping is more in the roms than the emulators. Mind you I haven't tried any other arcade emulator.

that game sounds really cool! emulator games really rocks and i will definitely play that one. plus the techniques that you've shared, that will definitely very exciting to play. thanks for that!

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